I mean, the real estate’s already there and everything…

I mean, the real estate’s already there and everything…

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The odds of this post reaching you are low. I already know that, but I’m publishing this anyway.


*slips on tinfoil hat*

If you want to make the argument that empty offices will not be bulldozed or repurposed for something charitable, but will instead be used for “you vill own nozing” style 15 minute city housing, OK, I will listen. To me, that is a possible argument. But imagining that Corpo America will give up on RTO wholesale . . . sorry, I don’t buy it.

-“Big statements for hype”  https://causeyconsultingllc.com/2023/02/27/big-statements-for-hype/  published on February 27, 2023


“‘Why can’t we do a real examination of the rules that state every bedroom must have a window?’ [NYC Mayor Eric] Adams said. ‘You know when you sleep it should be dark. Instead of doing that, have studio apartments with shared living and working spaces.'” –https://gothamist.com/news/nyc-mayor-eric-adams-cites-nimby-ism-as-one-of-the-biggest-challenges-to-his-housing-plan

Listen, peon. Do you really NEED a window in your bedroom? Only go in there when it’s dark anyway. I recently read the novel The Devil Wears Prada and I recall Andy’s character looking at an apartment owned by a cat hoarder that had no windows or closets. But hey, do ya really need a window?

“Most New Yorkers now pay at least 30% of their income on rent, a situation that makes them ‘rent-burdened,’ according to federal housing officials. And home ownership remains little more than a pipe dream for the vast majority of city residents.” -Gothamist, Ibid.

So instead of looking at the crooked system, let’s repurpose other forms of real estate into dystopian little hovels without a window. And then proclaim: there, we fixed it! 😣

“Eric Adams is sick and tired of people not returning to their offices.

Exasperated, New York’s mayor wants JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and other major employers to come together and agree on ways to force more to return to the office as the city’s economy struggles to recover from the pandemic and new challenges.” -from a Bloomberg article aptly titled, “NYC Mayor Adams Urges Wall Street Cooperation to Get Workers Back to Offices” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-03-30/wall-street-needs-pact-to-get-new-yorkers-in-offices-adams-says


In today’s episode, I want to yet again revisit this idea of cronyism and how things that happen in politics, in the economy, in Corporate America, on Wall Street, etc., those things are not coming as a surprise to the power brokers and the fat cats and the bankers. If you’re still not tuned into that reality yet and you still think that the market has just whims, it’s capricious, it’s fickle, and we just don’t know how it works… if you’re still in that reality, I am really not sure that you’re going to make it.

-“Corpo America doesn’t surprise the state. The state doesn’t surprise Corpo America. Please wake up to this.” https://www.buzzsprout.com/1125110/12367726

Oh the collusion! And words like “force.” Wowee zowee. Sh*t’s getting real out there, folks.

“‘We have to reinvent our office space,’ New York Mayor Eric Adams said in an interview with Bloomberg Thursday, adding that empty spaces should be converted to housing. ‘We have a housing crisis. We already have structures that are built.'” –https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-03-30/manhattan-office-vacancy-hits-record-high-as-landlords-add-space#xj4y7vzkg

I mean, like, the space is already there. If we can’t get enough plebs to RTO, we can always convert that office space into a 15 minute city – oops – I mean dystopian hovel housing without a window because they don’t need to look outdoors anyway. They can put on their VR goggles and go into another reality as they munch on a cricket burger. And wouldn’t it be amazing if we pushed this whole narrative of “resimercial” construction to the peons as well?

+ Part of what happened with Google’s campus is that it felt like you never really had to go home. Is that the kind of environment you want?? Do you want to live at work and not experience a separate home space?



Perhaps your overlords would like that idea… your “housing” and office all in one building. Live upstairs and then ride the elevator down in the morning and work until it’s time to ride back up in the evening. That even trumps a 15 minute city! More like a 15 second prison.

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