Excellent businesses still need outside help

Do any of the following issues sound familiar?

  • You have an important open job that needs to be filled, like, yesterday.
  • You want to be proactive and build up a talent pipeline to avoid hiring gaps.
  • You need to modernize your hiring process but don’t know where or how to start.
  • You know your average time-to-hire is too long and you’re losing good candidates.
  • Your company is great yet it’s still struggling to always attract the best talent.

Enlisting a Staffing & Recruiting SME can give you an outside, unbiased perspective on a particular project, challenge, or open requisition. And that’s where I come in. Having an HR “hired gun” on the outside is a way to focus on the actual problems and look at the big picture without getting bogged down in office politics or sitting in a cubicle burning up time and money against your company’s the bottom line.

I help clients improve a number of staffing & recruiting functions within their businesses, including:

  • Sourcing niche talent in highly competitive markets.
  • Building up your talent pipeline with high-quality candidates.
  • Building recruiting funnels from scratch.
  • Improving existing hiring methodologies.
  • Retaining the best employees.
  • Establishing best staffing practices and SOPs.
  • Operating your recruitment and talent acquisition departments in Lean, efficient ways.

What’s in it for me and my company?

All companies can benefit from:

  • Cost-effective and Efficient Methods
  • Deep Understanding & Subject Matter Expertise
  • Time Management
  • Effective, Modern Recruitment Strategies

You’re a busy professional. The HR Department at your company is also busy with important responsibilities: benefits, onboarding, occupational health & safety, employee counselling, ensuring legal compliance, etc. You don’t have the time or the desire to niche in deep and become a subject matter expert in staffing, recruiting, and sourcing candidates.

Working with an Expert Staffing & Recruiting Consultant and Candidate Sourcer:

  • Saves money by eliminating the need to hire, onboard, and train a full-time recruiter.
  • Locates candidates you don’t have the time and/or means to find yourself.
  • Takes responsibility off your plate and fosters work/life balance for your HR staff.
  • Proactively creates a pipeline of talent to remove hiring gaps and candidate shortages.
  • Provides you with a cost-effective, focused, and precise alternative to engaging a third-party staffing agency… and then having to pay a bloated “finder’s fee” for each person they manage to source. (If they find anyone at all!)
  • Gives you a fresh set of eyes and perspectives.

The bottom line? Successful companies retain outside help.

No matter how successful your business has proven to be: you can always benefit from objective feedback to guide you through the waves of change and ensure your talent pool never runs dry!


So what are you waiting for?