Don’t Waste Time on the Wrong Side of the Curve!
Focus your attention, time, money, and energy where it will bring you the most value. Stop worrying about haters, trolls, and people NOT in your ideal market.

“Someone Else Told Me There Are No Guarantees”
It’s true that whenever you talk with a prospect, whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, a video chat, a phone call, whether they paid or they didn’t, there are no guarantees of the outcome. Your goal is not to close someone no matter what. Find out more in this video.

“I’m Not Sure What Else I Could Do…”
I received a lot of great questions and feedback re: the video I recently published about people who “just wanna pick your brain.” I’ve condensed them down to the top 3, and in this video, I tackle the first question.

Any Money Is NOT Good Money!
Have you fallen into the trap of thinking any money you can get is good? Do you feel like you have to close anyone you talk to even if they would be a nightmare to deal with? Shake loose of that!

3 Signs You’re Wasting Your Time
Are you getting the “let me pick your brain” requests? Giving away too much of your time (and advice) in free intro calls? In this video, I discuss three signs that you are wasting your precious time.

Security In Uncertain Times
Worried about the economy? Your business? Your job? The only security you truly have in this life is YOURSELF. The external things come and go.

Just Surrender
There are times when a battle is not yours to fight. Do you know the difference between time to go to war versus time to surrender? It can make all the difference.

Quick Updates, 4/3/2020
I am currently working on a Mindset Mini-Retreat and a Crash Course in Self-Care for Solopreneurs. They should be available soon, so stay tuned!

Celebrate Your Partial Victories!
Earlier this morning, I heard Joel Osteen talking about celebrating your partial victories. Don’t wait and only celebrate at the finish line. Encourage yourself!

3 Quick Tips For “I’m Not Ready”
What do you do with a prospect who’s not ready? First and foremost, don’t focus your attention and efforts on people who aren’t ready yet. Find out my 3 quick tips here.

Make Your Strategy Now
Economic downturns and recessions are actually popular times for people to strike out on their own and try entrepreneurship. I have opened my calendar up to free, no obligation, no sales pitch strategy calls. Book a time:

How Do I Stay Calm?
So much bad and scary news right now– Coronavirus, economic recession, fights over toilet paper in the stores. 🤦‍♀️ How do I stay calm? How can I show up in my business with a sense of peace and joy?

Be Yourself (even in business)
Be authentic in your business. You don’t have to wear a mask or pretend to be someone you aren’t. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

Expect Negativity, Get Negativity
Do you find yourself expecting negative results as you’re prospecting for new business or going on on client visits? Does it seem like everywhere you turn, someone is bashing recruiters? What you choose to focus on has an enormous bearing on what kind of results you get.

So What Does a Coach Do Anyway?
A coach is not there to run your race for you. You must be open-minded and willing to put the work in!

“I Don’t Wanna Do That Mindset Stuff.”
I recently received a message from a LI connection who said, “I don’t wanna do that mindset stuff.” He wanted to talk about the nuts & bolts of his business but no discussions of his own mindset or attitude. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way!

Write It Down!
Working to figure out your ideal clients? Or do you know deep down who you’d actually love to work with, you’re just scared you can’t find those people? I watched a technique…

“It Doesn’t Work Like It Used To!”
Are the tactics you’ve always used in your staffing business or recruiting desk just not working anymore? Find yourself frustrated and disappointed? I understand!

Goal Setting: How Will You FEEL?
Many times, people set goals by *thinking* about what they want. Or they say, “Well, I guess it’d be nice to have more money” but no direction of what they want to do with the money once they have it. Flat goals with no emotion will not keep you motivated in the long run! Watch this video for more.

Don’t Get Defeated Before You Start!
This morning I heard John Gray talk about his childhood and how he decided NOT to delay helping others. Work with what you have. Get started where you are at. Do not say, “Well, I’ll do this as soon as…”

Your Business Requires a Holistic Approach
Many coaching or training programs focus on one component: sales scripts, follow ups, cold calls, sounding “smooth” on the phone, automation, building out expensive funnels, etc. It’s important to look at the entire picture, which includes YOU. Your routine, your self talk, your mindset, and your beliefs. Trying to look at one but not the other is like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle with no idea how the finished product should look!

You Can’t Fake Yourself Out
Ever heard the advice “just fake it ’til you make it” and everything will work out? If you’ve tried it, you know it falls flat. Mindset coaching is NOT about faking a positive attitude or reciting a bunch of affirmations you don’t believe in. And that’s the key: what do you REALLY believe?

Why Do You Do What You Do?
What motivates you? Who or what are you working for? Answers like “for the money” or “for the job title” are actually pretty superficial and fleeting. Companies close down all the time. Layoffs happen. Management turns over and a great boss may be replaced by a terrible one… are you doing what genuinely makes you happy?

Is Testing The Market Making You Crazy?
Emotions like doubt, frustration, and impatience can drag you down. In order to build your business or blast it out of a plateau, you will *have to* experiment and test new ideas. You will also face challenges and problems at times. If this makes you feel anxious or angry, this video is for you.

“I Have All These Candidates, But…” Part 1

One of the most common things I’m hearing from recruiters, staffing agency owners, and solopreneurs alike is: “I have all of these great candidates but nowhere to take them.” Something is going haywire. Either your talent pool isn’t as awesome as you think or you aren’t doing what you should be to market them.

“I Have All These Candidates, But…” Part 2
In the last video, I talked about evaluating your talent pool, not making excuses or playing the blame game, and not worrying about what the economy is doing. In this video, I cover the final three things you must do if you have too many candidates and not enough clients.

Don’t Tolerate Bad Behavior
While I was outside doing my farm chores tonight, I thought about how many times I see recruiters and biz dev people accepting bad behavior from prospects. Don’t. Do. It. You have to set the rules of engagement and then enforce them. And in the spirit of keeping it real, you’ll see me in my sunglasses and farm jacket… complete with hay still on my coat!

Shake The Dust Off!
If you realize you accepted a sales call that you shouldn’t have or you meet with a manager who turns out to be a looky-loo, shake that off. Rebound from it quickly and do not waste a lot of time and energy on the tire-kickers!

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