Calming Job Market Language 😴

Calming Job Market Language 😴

A couple of thoughts here:

+ November, December, and January tend to be graveyard months in HR work. The exception to this rule for me was 2021. I could tell the market was artificially overheated because I had clients asking for project work during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week. In fact, I had a client call the day before Thanksgiving to leave a voicemail about needing more work. Folks, that’s not normal and I knew it wasn’t. Typically the decision makers and C Suite people use their masses of PTO and you start to see the, “I will be OOO for the entire month of December” emails. It’s not abnormal for the job market to slow down during these graveyard months.

+ If someone in an MSM article is predicting a jump to nearly 4.5% by this time next year, may the Lord help us all. How bad will it really be?


You can read this article in its entirety at the job market journal:

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