Jobless at the Holidays?

Jobless at the Holidays?

What’s your advice about using job boards?

Applying for open jobs posted on job boards makes all the sense in the world. After a job loss, you’re really thinking about putting as many tools in your toolbelt as possible. Where candidates go astray is by mass applying to everything posted regardless of whether they are even remotely qualified for the position. Not long ago, I had a conversation with a job seeker who’d been unemployed for several months. We had a scheduled call in the afternoon, and he answered the phone half-asleep and proceeded to tell me he didn’t remember which job I was calling about because he had “easy applied” all over the internet. That’s not the greatest first impression to give an interviewer. To summarize: apply for jobs you’re actually qualified for and interested in, be prepared for the interview, and be respectful of both your own time and the interviewer’s time.


I was recently interviewed for the Digital Journal regarding joblessness at the holidays. You can read this article in its entirety here:

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