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A favorite jibe at “conspiracy theories” – often used by neolibs, I find – is the idea that someone would talk, someone would squeal, someone would spill the beans. They just can’t bear the idea that drinking their pro-state kool-aid might be a bad freakin’ idea.

The thing is: yes, people talk. And those people are then either “discredited” as kooks or done away with. It’s funny to me that we get the same narrative in 2023 that Clay Shaw offered to Penthouse in 1969. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


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Welcome to the Causey Consulting Podcast. You can find us online anytime at And now, here’s your host, Sara Causey.

Hello, Hello, and thanks for tuning in. Today’s episode has been in the hopper for quite some time. I’ve wanted to record this episode since the summer, but I toyed around with how I wanted to do it what I wanted to say and also how I wanted to say it. Because I’ve read something over the summer that just set my teeth on edge. And I told you that 2023 was going to be the year of raw honesty, raw authenticity. And I mean that. So I’m going to be transparent with you, I read something that aggravated me. And if I had recorded this episode, when I was feeling hot under the collar, I don’t think it would have gone the way that I wanted it to because I don’t ever want my delivery or my passion about a particular topic to overshadow the data. And sometimes that’s what happens when you create content. If you shoot from the hip, and you say and do things in a moment of anger, well, it goes out all over the place. I have listeners all over the globe. And I’m like, No, you can’t you can’t put the genie back in the bottle once he’s gotten out. So I need to take some time and just really think about what I’m doing here. A friend of mine runs her own boutique retail shop, and she’s part of my little consortium of people. We get together from time to time and just talk about like things that have irritated us things going on in the market. Hey, a client did this. Can you believe it? Or hey, a customer asks that what are people thinking what’s going on? One time she was really upset with an annoying customer who did some very rude very off color things to her. And she got on social media and shot from the hip and then had to walk everything back. And I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want this episode to turn into, hey, let me tell you bla bla bla, from a place of anger. I didn’t want to come from a place of anger. I wanted to wait until I could record this episode. And get up here and say what I needed to say, in at least a somewhat dispassionate way, I believe what I believe but I didn’t, I didn’t want to pollute the message with too much emotion. On June 8 of this year, I published the podcast episode titled, you’re not going to beat the system. And in the write up for this I write over the weekend I watched Oliver Stone’s JFK, I’ll probably always have nightmares about the physical appearances of Joe Pesci and Tommy Lee Jones. But it certainly drives home an important point, you’re not going to beat the system. You can LARP and play games if you want to. But when it all boils down, you’re not going to beat the system. And one of the points that I wanted to make in that episode is if the powers that be can overpower a sitting president john and jane Q Public have zero chance. Now you can try to fight the law. And in this episode, I also talk about people who think they’re going to beat the system. They think they’re going to beat corporate America and the Wall Street fat cats and the bankers and these huge multibillion dollar hedge funds. And it’s like, um, I guess I applaud your Moxie. Hi, I have respect for your chutzpah, but I just don’t see it happening. I know. I know. I know. I know. This all sounds cynical. It sounds negative. I had another episode that I recorded recently, a bonus episode called Things are a mess. I just think that we’re too far gone. We’re getting too far into things like a social credit score. CBDCs agenda 2030. I just don’t think that John and Jane Q Public are going to beat the system. I think this system has just gotten too big, too powerful, too mighty. I think you’re just going to have to buckle the hell up and strap in for this ride. As you can probably imagine this, this episode about the JFK Pop Pop was not one of my most popular if I get on the air, and I talk about anything as it relates to topics like quiet quitting and how corporate America screws people over Oh, tons of downloads, no issues there. But if I try to tell people, hey, look, if these if these individuals and these groups can get to a sitting president, you got no hope at all. Nobody wants to hear that. No, nobody wants to hear that. It’s like well, you’re not you’re not giving us Hana and hopium like everybody else. So how why? Should we listen to this? Yeah, about that. So a week after I published this podcast episode and j, the Oliver Stone movie was fresh on my mind. I saw an article on Medium that was written by Ted Bower I have quoted from his articles before, he has some very good material. So I want to be clear in saying that my criticism here is of his article, it is of his reasoning is of his opinions. I’m not trying to pick on him as a person, I don’t know him. So it’s not my place to do that. The article is, could the government truly cover up a conspiracy theory for years? Question, Mark? Yes, no, maybe. So another question mark. And this was the place where I just I put my head in my hands and I’m like, Oh, my God, can we just not? Can we please just stop with this. So here’s here’s what he writes built in makes the same point that my friend reading makes all the time. Take something like the JFK Pop Pop, I’m not going to use the a word on the air because I really can’t there’s certain things you just can’t say on a broadcast. So I’m just going to call it the Pop Pop. Take something like the JFK Pop Pop. Let’s say that was a conspiracy and people in the government and then he has LBJ exclamation point in parentheses, new. Okay, that was November 1963. You really think that with all the need for relevance and fame, and I broke the story of what really happened and deathbed confessions and broader stupidity, that this thing could be covered up since 1963. Question mark. The government is powerful. Yes, that powerful question mark. And that unaligned with how human behavior and psychology tend to work question mark. That’s a stretch. Just thought, No, it’s not. No, it isn’t. No, it isn’t, in my opinion. No, it is not. So as of this recording, there’s three responses to this article. Mine is the only one that’s even remotely critical. The other two are just like, Let’s seal clap for the article. And my response that I write is Yeah, people squeal, and they either get discredited as Kooks or eliminated read mind war by Michael Aquino, the state and the military, most certainly understand human psychology. I get really sick and tired of this narrative of, they just don’t get it. They just don’t understand that so far off base from human nature. Right, right. But see if you’ve read, I actually going to read this stuff. If you read Michael Aquino’s book mind war, and by the way, I have had as I’ve said, this on the air many times, I’ve had Neo liberals and mansplain has tried to tell me, that’s just a conspiracy theory. It’s like they don’t think the book actually exists. I guess they don’t think Michael Aquino was a real person. But yeah, I mean, you can literally watch his information on YouTube. You can see there’s a flesh and blood human. I remember when I was a kid, and he was making around back in the 80s. During the Satanic Panic, you remember, like? Donahue, Geraldo, Sally Jesse. I remember seeing him on the talk shows back in the 80s. And he had the crazy like, Spock hair and the severely arched eyebrows and would be wearing like all black clothing. Yeah, he’s, he’s a real person. And you can go and read the book, if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited. You can literally read the book today, the book exists. And he talks about how warfare in the future is not going to be blood and guts on a battlefield. There’s going to be mental warfare, you can run the Psyops and do everything in the brain. This information is not buried. So when you have somebody like this, who’s being utilized by the military industrial complex, precisely because they understand mind control and cult like brainwashing, you’re gonna sit here and tell me Well, that’s unaligned with how human behavior and psychology tend to work. That’s a stretch. I don’t effing believe you. I feel like these people know exactly what they’re doing. They know. I think the reason why the Neo cons don’t really get over onto this side of things is because they’re licking the boots of corporate America. Part of their function is to criticize the state and to say that all politicians are dumb asses or they’re all crooked. They’re all terrible, but corporate America of the private sector will save us on the neoliberal side of things. It’s the opposite. The state is great. If we just had more government control, things would be better. We’re in the mess that we’re in because of Wall Street and because of corporate America and the greedy billionaires. But if we had more regulation, if the state had more power, then everything would be fine. And I sit here, rubbing my face. Gordon Ramsay when he’s in a bad restaurant, and I’m like, Y’all are both screwed. It’s like, you’re both right. And You’re both wrong at the same time, in my opinion. Yeah, corporate America screws you. So does the state. They work in collusion together. Hello, hi, how are you? I can’t believe that we’re still having to point this out to people. It should be readily apparent and highly self evident by now.

Just long pause there as I tried to collect my thoughts. So it seems that the prevailing excuses and yes, I’m just going to call them excuses, because that’s my opinion. It could be wrong, but I’m gonna say my opinion, the prevailing excuses we get are, on the one hand, it could be. The politicians are so stupid and incompetent, that there’s no way they could pull off some conspiracy anyway. It’s just foolish to think that these moronic imbeciles are capable of such a thing. That’s that’s one narrative. The other excuse that we get is somebody would squeal, even if we assume that the state has bad actors. It has people that would do bad things to good people. It doesn’t really matter, because someone would squeal, someone would be a fame whore. Somebody would make a deathbed confession and just say, I can’t live with the guilt anymore. It’s killing me on the inside. I have to confess to this. As I said, in my response, if somebody does squeal, they get discredited as a kook, or they vanish or both. Oh, that guy’s drunk. He’s crazy. He has mental health issues. One of the things that Jim Garrison talks about in his book, is this concept of sheep dipping. And I don’t get there. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. But the two books that Oliver Stone’s film JFK are based on one is crossfire by Jim Marrs. I am in the process of reading that one. I intend to talk about it more in a later episode. But when I say a process, I’m not kidding. It is like a 600 page. Very thick tome. You can tell that he really is trying to get as in depth and cover every possible possibility that he can. I’ll get there momentarily, but I did read Jim Harrison’s book on the trail of the a SS, a SS. ins for the rest of the episode, I will just say on the trail, because again, there’s certain words that you just can’t say on the air. For me in reading this book, I I did not find Jim Garrison to be some outrageous rambling, crazy nutball. I just didn’t I sort of expected it to be weird out there maybe even a little incoherent at times, but it’s just not. It’s just not. And it’s interesting, because the first chapter after the introduction is the serenity of ignorance. That’s a that says it all in so many ways that says it all. You have people that would rather think the government is run by very stupid, very dull, not bright morons who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. Or there’s just no way there’s no no way there’s a conspiracy during somebody would talk. We help people talk. And then they go away. And then they go away and they get discredited in the media. I mean, it was the whole JFK pop that put this concept of conspiracy theorist into the modern vernacular anyway. If you don’t believe the official narrative, then you’re a conspiracy theorist. There is something wrong with you. Your brain doesn’t work quite right. If you just don’t believe what you’re told wholesale. Oh, my God. Okay, so in in Garrison’s book, much like in Oliver Stone’s film adaptation, a lot centers on his investigation, as well as when he finally gets to the trial of Clay Shaw. It is it’s interesting stuff 100% And I found a copy. I’ll drop a link to it. It is online so that you can read it too if you choose to. I found a copy of clay Shaw’s interview with Penthouse magazine. This happened after the trial had already occurred and had already been like a Clay Shaw was acquitted or were not not prosecuted, and I found his take on the situation. Interesting. And one of the reasons why is because he gets into the same line of thinking, the same excuses the same narratives that were getting pushed on was even now all these years later decades later. Here we are in the same place all over again. So penthouse asks, do you agree or disagree with the findings of the Warren Commission? And Clay Shaw says By and large, I agree with them. I think there were certainly errors both of omission and commission. But I think that fundamentally, their conclusions were sound and valid. Just one point that no one ever much dwelt on. There were five Republicans on a commission and two Democrats, if there had been any attempt in the report to cover up on the part of the administration, you can be sure that you can be sure that those Republicans would never have signed the report, they would have brought out a stinging report of their own, and this would have become an issue in the next presidential campaign. I just don’t believe that if there had been any kind of cover up or whitewash or collusion, that Republicans of the stature of Gerald Ford or Sherman Cooper would have gone along. By exposing this. They could have put a Republican in the White House, and they would have exploited it to the hilt. And that’s just one reason for accepting the report. The Commission conducted something like 25,000 interviews, and there were about 500 witnesses whose testimony was taken under oath, I simply cannot believe in any conspiracy that would have to run from the Dallas Police on up to the President of the United States. If Mr. Garrison’s ideas were taken seriously, there would have to be a cast of two or 3000 people involved. Certainly by now, there would have been some leaks somewhere some deathbed confessions. Not Making This Up. I think that it was just Lee Oswald, a poor psychotic loser, who got a lucky shot at the president. People find it difficult to believe that the great golden Prince should be killed by this psychotic little man, crouching behind pasteboard boxes with a cheap mail order our IFLE. But the fact that it is inappropriate doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Life is full of inappropriate things. And I believe that I am a well qualified person to make that statement, I speak from firsthand experience and quote. So here we go. Here we go. My God, I feel like Heath Ledger as the Joker when he’s like, and here we go. Sean gives this interview to Penthouse magazine in 1969, where he’s talking about the number of people involved, there would be some leak somewhere, some deathbed confessions. Okay, now let’s juxtapose what we read Ted Bauer saying in June of 2023, all these years later, that was November 1963. You really think that was all the need for relevance and fame and I broke the story of what really happened and deathbed confessions and broader stupidity that this thing could be covered up since 1963. He literally says deathbed confessions. Who are all these people on all these night feel like Seinfeld? Who are the Bible? Are all these people on these deathbeds confessing to all of their sins? Like, looks around on the horizon? Where are they? But it’s funny, it’s just funny to me. We got the same narrative from Clay Shaw in 1969. And then here we are getting it all over again in 2023. Somebody would squeal somebody on their deathbed. Oh, there were Republicans on the Warren Commission, they would just never have signed the document, they would have turned it into a partisan issue. We still supposed to believe that shit. Really, we’re supposed to not see that there’s not a dinosaur. The difference between the donkey and the elephant, the red versus the blue. They all work together. They’re all suckling on the same teat and eating slop out of the same trough. In my opinion. We’re supposed to think that they would have turned it into a partisan issue, right? Of course. Sure. Okay. And if you believe that, interestingly enough, in the middle part of on the trail by Jim Garrison, you get a collection of photographs. And one of the photographs he includes is the members of the Warren Commission.

It says the members of the Warren Commission in their Washington meeting room September 1964, left to right. So let’s let’s read who these people are in this photograph. Gerald R. Ford, Hale Boggs, Richard Russell, Chief Justice of the United States, Earl Warren, for whom the commission tickets name, Senator John S. Cooper, John J. McCloy, Allen Dulles, and J. Lee Rankin, huh. Now, some of those names are going to automatically be familiar to you. But let’s, let’s just take a quick moment here to consider who they were. Gerald Ford, obviously a past president. He was on the Warren Commission. He becomes a House Minority Leader, becomes Vice President then becomes president, and by the way had Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president. He was also the one that got on TV. I’ve talked about this and some of Glenn Greenwald’s writings before it was also Ford that got on the television and was like, hey, you know, we need to just put this national nightmare behind us. We need to just forget about Watergate, it’s time to move on let’s just heal as a nation. I mean, he is certainly didn’t do poorly after having been on the Warren Commission. Now let’s take a look at Hale Boggs. I want to read from Wikipedia. I’ll drop a link, of course please check this out for yourself. Vox was the youngest member of the Warren Commission, which from 1963 to 1964, investigated the pop pop of John F. Kennedy. Boggs has been reported to have differing positions regarding the Warren report, based upon the office of the house historian and Clerk of the House Office of art and archives. Political reports that Vox dissented from the Commission’s Majority Report, which supported the single bullet thesis pointing to a lone HSS as s i n. Bonk said he had strong doubts about it. But in a 1966 appearance on Face The Nation box defended the commission’s findings and stated that he did not doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. He said that all the evidence indicated that Kennedy was shot from behind and that the argument that one bullet hit both Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally was very persuasive. Boggs took issue with the assertions of Warren commissioned critics and stated that it was human nature that many people would prefer to believe there was a conspiracy. Interesting, so he originally disagreed and had strong doubts. But then suddenly, he does and Abell face and gets right in line. Imagine that. Oh, and by the way, in 1972, when he was going to Alaska, he disappeared. So there’s that. I told you, I keep trying to tell you all, I keep trying to tell you, somebody disagrees. They’re either labeled a Coke, a drunk, a weirdo, a psychotic, or they just vanish, or they get suicided. That’s another way to make them vanish. I think it was Stalin who said no man, no problem. People make problems but no person no problem. Richard Russell was old buddies with Strom Thurman. So let’s read from his wiki pedia. During his long tenure in the Senate, Russell served as chairman of several committees and was the chairman of the Senate Committee on armed services for most of the period between 1951 and 1969. He was a candidate for president in the United States at the 1948 Democratic National Convention and the 1952 Democratic National Convention. He was also a member of the Warren Commission, Russell supported racial segregation and co authored the southern manifesto was strong Thurman Russell and 17 fellow Democratic senators, along with one Republican blocked the passage of civil rights legislation via the filibuster. After Russell’s protege, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law, Russell led a southern boycott of the 1964 Democratic National Convention. Russell served in the Senate until his death from emphysema in 1971. Wow, what what a class act. They’re somebody that supports the segregation of races. Wow, what what a commission this was asked for Earl Warren, who was chief justice on his Wikipedia, we read Newsweek magazine quoted Warren saying that if he had handled the Oswald case, as a district attorney, I could have gotten a conviction in two days and never heard about the case again, Warren wrote that the facts of the Pop Pop itself are simple, so simple, that many people believe it must be more complicated and conspiratorial to be true. Warren told the commission staff not to worry about conspiracy theories and other criticism of the report because history will prove us right and quote, sounds to me like he had already made up his mind. If I had handled it as a DA, I would have gotten a conviction on this sumbitch in two days and buried the case. Do you do you trust somebody who would say something like that to be impartial in their findings? I mean, really, it appears to me that John s Cooper tried to say, Hey, I think that we’re barking up the wrong tree here and was then either shunted off to do other things or was maybe rewarded by a promotion to go and do other things. It’s it looks to me like he was gotten out of the way. From his Wikipedia page we read. President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Cooper to the Warren Commission, which was charged with investigating Kennedy’s pop pop in 1963. Cooper attended 50 of the 94 hearings and rejected the single bullet theory stating there was no evidence to show that Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally were hit by the same bullet. Cooper publicly criticized the report’s conclusions is premature For an inconclusive and informed Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy, that he felt he strongly felt Lee Harvey Oswald had not acted alone mono shirt. When Cooper expressed his same thoughts to Jacqueline Kennedy, he reportedly stated that it’s important for this nation that we bring the true murderers to justice. As one of three Republicans on the Senate rules and Administration Committee, Cooper was involved with the investigation of Johnson, a Bobby Baker in 1964, which he decried as a whitewash after the committee blocked further investigation. He proposed the establishment of a Senate Select Committee on Standards and conduct in July 1964, and was named to that committee in July 1965. Also, in 1965, he was chosen adviser to the United States delegation to the Manila conference that established the Asian Development Bank. Then he also went on to oppose the Vietnam War. And it had some posts I think, as an ambassador, so it sort of seems to me like well, if you’re going to be vocal and disagree with what’s going on here, we’re just going to move you out of the way. If we’re, if we’re not so bold as to eliminate you, you’re just going to be scooted off somewhere else and gotten out of the way here don’t oversee the development of this bank in a foreign country and get out of here. John J. McCloy, on the other hand appears to have definitely been a line walking company man. On his Wikipedia page under return to Wall Street we read following his service in Germany, he served as chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank from 1953 to 1960. And as chairman of the Ford Foundation, from 1958 to 1965. He was also a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1946 to 1949. So he gets appointed to the Warren Commission, and in this we find in a 1975 interview with Eric Severine of CBS McCoy stated I never saw a case that I thought was more completely proven than the Pop Pop. He described writings that propagated Pop Pop conspiracy theories as just nonsense. McCoy became a named partner in the Rockefeller associated prominent New York law firm Milbank, tweed, Hadley and McCloy. Oh, and then he also acted for leading multinational oil companies, including Exxon. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Wow, isn’t that just something What? What a coincidence? The name Allen Dulles is probably familiar to you. If it’s not Wow, are you in for some insights from his just we’re just going to even just go to the beginning of his Wikipedia page. We don’t have to scroll down. Alan Welsh Dulles was the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence and its longest serving director to date. As head of the Charlie India Alpha. During the early Cold War, he oversaw the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat, the 1954 Guatemalan coup d’etat, the Lockheed U two aircraft program, the project MK Ultra Mind Control Program and the Bay of Pigs invasion. He was fired by JFK over the ladder fiasco. Dulles was a member of the Warren Commission that investigated the pop pop of John F. Kennedy. Between his stints of government service Dulles was a corporate lawyer and a partner at Sullivan and Cromwell. His older brother, John Foster Dulles was the secretary of state during the Eisenhower administration and is the namesake of Dulles International Airport and quote, just that, just that coup de Todd’s Mind Control Program was fired by JFK, because of his botched Bay of Pigs invasion.

But yeah, you’re gonna put this guy on the Warren Commission, the guy that fired you, and pissed you off royally. You’re going to put this guy on the committee to investigate the pop pop and assume that he’s going to be impartial. Really, I mean, we couldn’t make this stuff up. If we were writing a novel about it. And just creating fictional Looney Tunes scenarios we couldn’t do a better job. About J. Lee Rankin we read following President John F. Kennedy’s pop pop and the appointment of Chief Justice Earl Warren to serve as the chairman of the President’s Commission on the pop pop of President Kennedy. Known unofficially as the Warren Commission. Rankin was selected by Warren to serve as general counsel in the inquiry that concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone in killing Kennedy. According to author Edward Epstein. Rankin was primarily an administrator and Linton guiding hand in shaping the investigation. The 14th Man legal staff was divided into seven two man teams, each of which handled a separate area of the investigation, and contributed a chapter to the Commission’s final report, the staff lawyer whom Epstein credited with redrafting and editing the Commission’s voluminous report was Norman Redlich, after his work with the Warren Commission ranking practice law in New York City until the 1970s, working seven years as the New York City Corporation council from 1966 to 1972. So except for the guy who shot his mouth off and said I disagree with the findings and then disappeared in Alaska. It sounds like most people that were on this commission didn’t do so badly for themselves after the commission was dissolved. Doesn’t seem that way to you. But somebody would squeal. You know, you’re offering people, so much money, so much prestige, but you think at some point, they would squeal, they would go against their own self interest. It may be even under threat of something bad happening to their families, they would go against all of that and squeal, and there would be all have these deathbed confessions, and then somebody would be crazy enough to report the deathbed confession. Right? Okay. I mean, if you say so, one of the opening pages of Jim Garrison’s book shows the intended route, like the the parade route that was supposed to happen, going just down Main Street, which is a clear, straight pathway would make all the sense in the world to have somebody drive down Main Street in a completely straight direction. But then he shows the revised parade route, which takes Elm Street and has to make this weird turn. Yeah, there has to be a tremendous slowdown to be able to make the turn. It doesn’t even make any sense for somebody to go there. Logistically, it just, it makes no sense. And they show us where the grassy knoll is and where the Pop Pop took place. He also shows you where the Book Depository was and how it’s it’s one of the things where when you look at it on the map, it becomes even clearer to you that none of this at face value makes any sense. Now that plays into the narrative of well, all of our politicians are idiots and dumb asses. And so they do things that don’t make any sense. Because they’re idiots and dumb asses. Again, I disagree. I think when we look at the things happening with the web, we look at Agenda 2030. I mean, you have Harare, predicting the rise of useless classes and saying that AI will take a lot of jobs, technology will change the landscape to where certain jobs just vanish and become obsolete. And so what will the useless classes do all day? Well, they can disappear into virtual reality. They can have some kind of universal basic income to meet their basic needs, and then disappear into virtual reality because that’s going to be better than their boring peon life would have been anyway. Then you also have this essay by Ida Aachen, where it said, Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, I have no privacy and life has never been better. I don’t think that these things are like slowly but surely headed in those types of directions by accident. I don’t think it’s pure happenstance perpetrated by complete and utter morons, I find that line of thinking to be much less credible, much more difficult to believe, than to imagine that very powerful, very wealthy people, manipulate circumstances so that they can stay very wealthy and very powerful. When we look at the data about how the rich got richer, as everybody else was miserable and feeling squeezed and on lock downs, the rich got even richer during the pandemic. I just don’t think it’s difficult to believe that these very wealthy and very powerful people manipulate the system so that they stay enriched and so that they further in gorge themselves even more, I don’t find that difficult to believe. And when we look as Jim Marrs does in his book, at how many powerful people benefited from JFK not being in the picture anymore. It also would be a really weird, wild and wacky coincidence that all of those people would benefit just by pure happenstance, or just by plain and simple dumb acid most. I find that just beyond the pale and ridiculous. Before I get there, I want to talk briefly as Jim Garrison does in his book about this concept of sheet dipping. In chapter five of Garrison’s book titled Setting up the scapegoat, he talks about this concept, I’m on page 70 now of the paperback copy. It had always puzzled me why Oswald had left Dallas in April 1963 to spend the summer in New Orleans only to return to Dallas again in October. But given what I had learned this began to make sense. Clearly, if Oswald was being set up as a communist scapegoat, his close association in Dallas with the anti communist white Russians had to be severed. Likewise, a summer of ostentatiously handing out pro Castro leaflet In New Orleans, reinforced the image of a crazed communist, a SS a SSIN. In the intelligence community, there is a term for this kind of manipulated behavior designed to create a desired image sheep dipping. It seemed to me that Oswald had been in New Orleans to be sheep dipped under the guidance of guy Bannister and that he had been sent back to Dallas when the mission was accomplished and quote, and in the book he outlines several scenarios where people claim to be Oswald, even though they did not match his actual physical description all that closely, it might just be this is a man with dark hair, and that’s where the resemblance ended. Why would all of that have been necessary? If he really was some lone wolf cuckoo bird nut bag that just one day He just flipped out? He used a cheap crappy mail order, boom Boomstick and went up to the book depository and went nutso. Like, why would all of that posturing and all of that acting and all of this effort to make him look like a communist, nut ball, pinko, whatever? Why would all that have been necessary? I just find that odd. But I think one of the takeaways there is that you have to understand that the media and these agencies are incredibly skillful at making a thing look, however they want it to look. This is to my point about people getting discredited as Kooks drunks weirdos. Oh, that guy. I’m thinking of Mr. Jorgensen in Scrooge Oh, I beat my wife and I skewer innocent babies when in my cups, if that’s how they want to make somebody look, that’s just how they make the person. Look. It’s not difficult, especially now in the age of social media and mass media. They can use bots, trolls and paid shills to put out whatever narrative they want. I’m not gonna get too far into Jim Marrs his book Crossfire, because I have not read it in its entirety. It’s gonna take me some time. I just want to read this list to you from the table of contents. Because he talks about part two is means motives and opportunities. So let’s read through this a Lee Harvey Oswald HSS a SSIN or Patsy, and by the way, when he was arrested, he himself said that he was a patsy. He knew exactly what was going on. He knew that he had been set up. So we have a Oswald, B, the Russians see the Cubans D mobsters. Hang on I gotta turn the page II agents meaning the Charlie in the alpha and other intelligence agencies, the G men, and that refers to J. Edgar Hoover and the foxtrot. Bravo, India. G rednecks and oil men. That’s That’s what he’s saying rednecks and oil men aka right wing extremist and Texas millionaires and H soldiers meaning the military industrial complex. So for him, he’s probing all of these various groups and individuals that had a vested interest that benefited in some major clear way from JFK just simply not being in the picture anymore.

So let’s take a step back. Do you think that’s a coincidence? Do you think that all of these powerful people who benefited from him not being in the picture anymore, that’s just purely accidental, that’s just happenstance, there’s just no way there’s just no way that our topsy turvy upside down government full of dumb as politicians could ever have orchestrated anything like that? The government is powerful. Yes. But is it Xad? Powerful question mark. Yes. What What planet? You know what planet? Okay, I need to cool off for a second. Yes, in my opinion, it is that powerful. It is that powerful. It’s just hard for people to accept that, especially thinking back to the 60s Maybe now with all of the revelations that we’ve heard from Snowden, for example. I stand by my, let’s say less than popular and maybe controversial opinion that I don’t really think that his leak of information was as Oh, clutching my pearls as we imagined it to be at the time. Because look at all of the surveillance that people are willing to put up with now. At the time. Yes, it was horrifying. Oh my god. You mean the government’s been listening they can turn our phone on and have it as an audio visual device to see everything to hear everything to know everything. It was scary at that time. But now people have just taken it as a fait accompli? Oh yeah, there’s listening devices everywhere. We’ve got smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart dishwashers, smart phones. Yeah, hell yeah. People are listening to us all the time and I don’t care. I only a very boring life. I guess if somebody wants to sit and listen and watch me see me pick my nose while I watch the football game. They’re welcome to it. They’re not gonna not gonna find anything interesting with me. People have just come to accept it. It’s it’s irrelevant.  It’s nothing new anymore. Do I think that the state and the cronies in the military industrial complex, and these billionaires are that powerful? Yes. Yes, I do. To answer the question posited in Ted’s article. Do I think there’s that powerful question, Mark? Yes. Yes, I absolutely do. And no, I don’t think that all of these people who’ve benefited would just naturally go out to the media and pop their mouth off. I go back to what I’ve said, about this idea of the firebrand idealogue. Remember when we had these influencers and hot air &  hopium artists acting like remote work, was just going to last forever, corporate America, we’re just socking it to him, the CEOs and these bosses and these hiring managers that are demanding RTO they’re going to lose. John and Jane Q Public that want to work remotely are going to win. And I sat out here and told you no effing way. Now I’m having to write blog posts about how three days hybrid is turning into four. And I’ve warned you repeatedly for will turn into five. There was an article not long ago on fortune about how these CEOs are secretly plotting for full Monday through Friday RTO by the year 2026. And I’m like it’s probably not going to take him that long. A it’s not a secret and be it’s probably not going to take that long. In the absence of lockdown shutdowns, martial law, some kind of hot kinetic warfare and we’re we’re all told to stay home. I think full RTO Monday through Friday will become the norm again sooner than 2026. Yes, I think these people are powerful. And no, I don’t think everybody is just going to run out and squeal and run the risk of getting killed. run the risk of having all of their money taken away from them all of their power taken away from them being discredited and labeled by everyone as some kind of kooky nut bag weirdo crazy. I’m just I’m like the shrug emoji. I mean, to me, this feels very obvious. It feels very overt. Like when I’m saying about Harare and the WEF, I mean, you can tell people, Hey, you’re gonna be part of the useless class, you’re not going to be happy, you’re gonna have any privacy. But hey, life’s never been better. That’s just a conspiracy theory. That’s another I think sort of weird gift that keeps on giving from the Warren Commission and the JFK pop up is this whole notion of a conspiracy theory. And things that used to be really wacko, I mean, just really, really, really cuckoo bird crazy, would get labeled as a conspiracy theory. But now, if you disagree with anything that’s mainstream, you get branded a conspiracy theorist. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re on the left or on the right. If you say something that goes against some official narrative, then you hate science. You’re a cretin. You’re an uneducated buffoon.

It’s hard for me to even know how to respond to that. Because it’s that line of thinking to me, that’s crazy. Why would you not think critically and ask questions, instead of going along with those trust? Whatever we tell you, you should just go along with it. Don’t ask any questions, just do it. That doesn’t feel like the scientific method to me. You’re supposed to collect data and analyze it and not say science has become a religion. And these people in the media calling themselves scientists that say they’re in charge of Operation warp speed are suddenly gods to me. That yeah, that’s, um, that’s disturbing. It’s disturbing. But that’s another part of the pop pop that we are dealing with all these years later. You have the people that well, if someone would confess, someone would squeal somebody would be guilt written on their deathbed and burden their progeny with this information, somebody would want to be a fame whore and go to the media about it all. The government is full of dumb asses. They could never pull anything like this off anyway. If you disagree with the mainstream narrative on anything, you’re a conspiracy theorist. You’re probably so dumb. You think the moon has made up cheese. These will be the same people. I’ve said this before. And I’m going to double down on it again. These are going to be the same people who get absolutely steamrolled by what’s coming thing. And the sad thing is they may go right along with it. Yeah. Okay, I’ll live in my hovel, and I’ll do virtual reality and I’ll eat my cricket burgers because if I say anything that isn’t mainstream, well then I’m just a conspiracy theorists. And I don’t want to do that. I want to lick the boots of corporate America and like the boots of the state and just be very obedient. I want to be a good serve. I mean, our feudal lords are probably doing all of this to us for our own benefit, right, so I should just go along with it. Such as society, what a sad state of affairs, a sad, sad state of affairs. Think about all of this what you will i I’m into Jim Marrs his book. enough that I can say it’s interesting, and I feel like he’s done a mountain of research of completed Jim Garrison’s book on the trail. As I said, I did not find him to be a raving lunatic maniac cuckoo bird weirdo. Not at all. I mean, the the arguments that he make, make a lot of sense to me. And he points quite a bit in his book. In his conclusions and his thesis, he points a lot to the Charlie India alpha, and the military industrial complex, along with the Secret Service as having major roles to play in the pop pop. And by making damn sure that it happened. So if somebody wants to put LBJ exclamation mark in parentheses, like Oh, my God, clutching my pearls, who can imagine you know, that’s on them, that’s completely on them. It’s their right to have that opinion. And it’s my right to sit here and go, Oh, my God, wake up. Judge this information for yourself. I recommend Jim Garrison’s book can’t recommend Mars’s yet because I’ve not finished it. But Jim Garrison’s book I thought was excellent. well written, well researched. And I did not find the man to be some crazy cuckoo weirdo that just had ideas so far out in left field that they couldn’t be taken seriously. Is the state that powerful? Yes. Is corporate America that powerful? Also, yes. Are the cronies and the fat cats on Wall Street and in the billionaire class that powerful? Yes. The people at Bilderberg and on the web? Are they that powerful? Yes. Yes. It’s your choice. Whether or not you want to believe that if you decide not to believe that the person that has to live with the consequences of that will be you. Ultimately, are any of us going to be able to fight off what’s coming? Probably not. Yeah, I don’t have billions of dollars to make some kind of underground bunker and live like a mole person for the rest of my life. I take some solace though. And being able to say well, at least I saw this coming. I guess I’m thinking of like Cesar to talk about another pop pop. Before the days of boom sticks. You know, stabbed me in the chest. So I see the knife coming. I know it’s you who did it. And I can see the knife coming as opposed to stabbing me in the back. And I don’t know what’s coming. And I don’t know who perpetrated it to me. Yeah, that sounds sour and dour. I get it. I’m supposed to end this episode on a high note, but I can’t. There’s no high note that I can give you here. The closest thing to a high note that I can give you is I hope that you educate yourself and you make up your own mind. If you believe that Oswald acted alone with a cheap, crappy Boomstick and totally bizarre angle that would be like a one in a billion chance. If you think Arlen Specter is Magic Bullet theory is correct. And a bullet went around that car like a bumblebee and hit multiple people in multiple places just zigzagging around, you can believe that it’s your choice. It’s your choice. I guess my question would then be well, what else do you believe? If you if you have if accepted that narrative, even though it’s goes against common sense and critical thinking, what else have you embraced that would also go against common sense and critical thinking? Points to Ponder. Stay safe, stay sane. And I will see you in the next episode. I hope.


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