Such a surprise… not!

Such a surprise… not!

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For more than a year, Goldman Sachs has tried to get its staff back in the office five days a week, with spotty success. Now, it’s ramping up the pressure again, according to Bloomberg. It reports that revenue-generating employees — for example, those in investment banking and asset management — have returned for the most part, but “a significant chunk” of full-timers in other units haven’t. Its human resources chief says the company is “simply reminding our employees of our existing policy … to work in the office five days a week.”

Goldman’s penalties for not complying aren’t clear, based on Bloomberg’s reporting. But it notes Citi employees’ pay could be affected if they don’t follow its three-days-a-week policy.


Wow. You mean they didn’t walk back their RTO edict? You mean there hasn’t been a nationwide strike against RTO with people willing to starve over it? Well, no duh.


“Goldman Sachs just doubled down on RTO, demanding employees come back 5 days a week. Get ready for more companies to do the same.”


Welp. I gotta do it, y’all:



I’ve warned multiple times that:

a) The Great Resignation would not last forever
b) I didn’t see all of these companies walking back RTO
c) if Corpo America says you’re goin’ back, you’re goin’ back
d) hybrid is merely a stepping stone to full Mon-Fri RTO for a lot of companies.


In the absence of another lockdown / another pandemic, I don’t see John & Jane Q. Public winning out over the cronies on the issue of WFH. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just don’t. If everyone is sent home again, that could change the remote vs office picture. If that doesn’t happen, most people are goin’ back to the office environment.


I’ve also warned multiple times that by the time you hear something in the MSM, you’ve waited too late. This information should have been clear long before now.

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