Hey, remember when I predicted this?

Hey, remember when I predicted this?

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‘Cause I do!

Perhaps your overlords would like that idea… your “housing” and office all in one building. Live upstairs and then ride the elevator down in the morning and work until it’s time to ride back up in the evening. That even trumps a 15 minute city! More like a 15 second prison.



Boston tests office conversion plan

Boston landlords will soon be able to trade empty office buildings for tax breaks. As the median monthly rent for a one-bedroom in Beantown hits $2,800, the city is tackling its escalating housing affordability crisis with a program aimed at converting commercial space into residential. Mayor Michelle Wu is offering discounts upwards of 75% (on the already much-lower residential tax rate) for developers willing to turn offices into housing units. The city’s share of vacant downtown office space rose to 14.2% in the second quarter, and Wu says the initiative will ensure that “Boston’s growth meets the needs of current and future residents.”



“‘Why can’t we do a real examination of the rules that state every bedroom must have a window?’ [NYC Mayor Eric] Adams said. ‘You know when you sleep it should be dark. Instead of doing that, have studio apartments with shared living and working spaces.'” –https://gothamist.com/news/nyc-mayor-eric-adams-cites-nimby-ism-as-one-of-the-biggest-challenges-to-his-housing-plan

Listen, peon. Do you really NEED a window in your bedroom? Only go in there when it’s dark anyway. I recently read the novel The Devil Wears Prada and I recall Andy’s character looking at an apartment owned by a cat hoarder that had no windows or closets. But hey, do ya really need a window?

-Myself, Ibid.


You can live downtown and shop downtown and RTO all in one easy maneuver. With or without a window.

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