Where does hope go?

Where does hope go?

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“You’ve got to admit it
At this point in time that it’s clear
The future looks bright…
What a beautiful world this will be
What a glorious time to be free”
-“I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)” by Donald Fagen

“I.G.Y.” was written about the International Geophysical Year that encompassed part of 1957 and 1958. This was a time when the scientific communities of the East and West were unified:

“The International Geophysical Year was an international scientific project that lasted from 1 July 1957 to 31 December 1958. It marked the end of a long period during the Cold War when scientific interchange between East and West had been seriously interrupted. Sixty-seven countries participated in IGY projects, although one notable exception was the mainland People’s Republic of China, which was protesting against the participation of the Republic of China (Taiwan). East and West agreed to nominate the Belgian Marcel Nicolet as secretary general of the associated international organization.

The IGY encompassed eleven Earth sciences: aurora and airglow, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, gravity, ionospheric physics, longitude and latitude determinations (precision mapping), meteorology, oceanography, seismology, and solar activity. The timing of the IGY was particularly suited for studying some of these phenomena, since it covered the peak of solar cycle 19.” –https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Geophysical_Year

I remember in ’89 when the Berlin Wall came down. Watching it on TV was an exciting experience. I recall people enthusiastically touching hands, hugging, crying tears of joy. It felt like a time when anything could be possible.

I also remember in ’89 when Don Henley released “The End of the Innocence,” which was written by Henley and Bruce Hornsby. (You can hear Hornsby on the piano and keyboards in the song as well.) My Baby Boomer mom went nuts for the video. For her, it was really a stroll down Memory Lane to the ’50s and ’60s.

“O’ beautiful, for spacious skies
Now those skies are threatening
They’re beating plowshares into swords
For this tired old man that we elected king
Armchair warriors often fail
And we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales”
-“The End of the Innocence”

I guess every generation has its end of the innocence moment. Maybe we all get something like the IGY or the fall of the Berlin Wall and then later, we get smacked in the head by an end to that innocence. For me, it was 9/11. I recall the Challenger explosion in ’86 – people crying and Reagan addressing the nation about the tragedy. I remember the OKC bombing. I was sitting in an English & Literature class when a guy who was known as a class clown/practical joker type threw the door open and told us OKC had been bombed. We assumed he was joking and told him we didn’t think it was funny. There was a small TV in the classroom and when he turned it on and we saw that it was real, the room went completely silent. But for me, the biggest end of the innocence moment, the incident that killed my sense of sunshine and roses, was 9/11. I was eating breakfast that morning and watched on live TV as the second plane hit and that memory will be etched in my mind forever.

Now here we are on the precipice of something that I imagine will look like what if the Great Recession and the 1982 recession had a baby and I know there will be working class and working poor people who get absolutely f**king steamrolled by it. I know that’s coming and it turns my stomach. These boom/bust cycles happen and they happen and they happen. And they don’t happen by accident. The cronies engineer these economic crises and mercilessly rip off anyone they can to enrich themselves further.

“Hyper-Elites Are Desperate For a Recession Because They Want to Buy Your Assets for Cheap
Recessions are part of the business plan for the great reset to serfdom”


These vultures are not morons who make mistakes due to idiocy; they know precisely what they are doing. The MSM pushes whatever narrative it’s told to, so there’s no compunction in telling you we somehow have a 3.7% unemployment rate and the job market is still so good and the economy is still so resilient that The Fed needs to crash it further. 😖 Lest this sound too tinfoil hat, too crazy to believe, I’d direct you to this:

“After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000-word cover story, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977, is reprinted below.

How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up

In this article, Carl Bernstein – who is not, by the way, some far right QAnon blogger – writes about the Agency’s use of “journalist‑operatives.”


Where does hope go? When the day arrives in your life that you realize you don’t live in a sunshine and roses world and that all of the youthful excitement and idealism may not be possible, where do those promising emotions go?

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