A hard head makes a soft backside

A hard head makes a soft backside

Photo by me of my wild mule boy. “Well now I am not gonna do it!”


I have a mule and yes, he’s stubborn. The cliché of someone being stubborn as a mule rings true. A similar expression is: a hard head makes a soft @ss. In other words: play games and be a hardhead if ya want to, but it’s not gonna lead anywhere good.

I thought of this expression in watching one of Scott Walters’ recent videos (which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyaNDr28PF4). He tells the story of a realtor who’s never been through a boom/bust cycle and all the guy wanted to do was parrot talking points he’d been told, probably by a sales manager. All I could think was, “Wow. That guy’s gonna get steamrolled by what’s coming. And instead of trying to educate himself and see the writing on the wall, he’s gonna argue to be wrong. A hard head makes a soft @ss.” So as Scott is trying to explain the situation of realtors being designated as essential workers during C*v!d in order to keep the bubble inflating, he argues back that this is supply and demand, it’s not a bubble, we still have a housing shortage, blah blah blah. Also, as Scott points out, this realtor is the type of realtor who will tell potential buyers that we’re not in an artificially inflated market and everything is fine, fine, just fine. Zero crash risk.


A few thoughts in freeform:

+ Don’t be that person who ignores reality. I’ve talked before about my friend who knew print journalism was shrinking and layoffs were coming, yet he lived in denial and stayed until it was too late.

+ Be careful with corporate propaganda. As Scott points out, the young realtor regurgitated the same talking points he’d been given in a sales meeting about overcoming buyer objections. Some of y’all are out here getting high on your own supply and it shows. I warned you that there are companies who will have 58 open reqs on their freakin’ website the same day they close down. Hot air you get in a sales meeting or a workshop doesn’t always match reality.

+ Caveat emptor! The onus is on YOU to take care of yourself. Scott says in the video that this young realtor is spouting off the same junk you’ll hear from most realtors these days who want you to buy a house, dammit. Be careful. Use good judgment. Filter through the sales talk and the schmoozing.


People who want to LARP that everything’s cool and we’re not in a recession and the job market’s great and we somehow magically have a 3.4% unemployment rate are gonna be in for one hell of a rude awakening.

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