More disposable narratives

More disposable narratives

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  • 3.5% unemployment rate. 2 legit open jobs for every 1 unemployed person.
  • No one wants to work anymore. Labor shortage, ca-caw, ca-caw. 🦜
  • Men are all lazy and living in someone’s basement refusing to work.
  • The Great Resignation will go on forever.
  • Corporate America has really accepted remote work and the balance of power has permanently shifted.
  • We will have a nationwide strike against RTO and everyone will sit at home refusing to return.
  • We won’t have mass layoffs.
  • OK, we see mass layoffs but only in Big Tech / Silicon Valley.


Have a headache yet? We get a sea of disposable narratives that are easily chucked in the bin as soon as they are no longer useful to the MSM and its corporate handlers. Whether they are true is irrelevant.

Gig economy is much larger than thought, a key development for these workers   published on April 28, 2023


The gig economy boom is over as workers go back to traditional jobs, Bank of America says   published on April 29, 2023


Uh, wut?

“People may not be as interested in gig opportunities as they were a year ago, per a Bank of America Institute report.
Per economist Anna Zhou, the reversal is partly because of weaker consumer demand for some services.
But this could also be due to attractive wage growth in traditional jobs per the report and Zhou.” -MSN, Ibid.

Again, I ask: wut?

Where’s the attractive wage growth from traditional jobs?

I’d also like to know where the people are who’ve decided against gigging when you can get on any freelancing website and see 10 or 20 times the number of proposals that you saw in 2021. Perhaps a few folks who tried it out after a layoff or who decided to rebel against RTO tried it, realized it’s not an automatic boon of riches, and left. That is completely possible. But to act as if hordes of people are leaving the gig economy en masse… uh, no. I’m not seeing that.

“Gig workers are seemingly saying goodbye to the delivery-app and side-hustle life and are interested in going back to making money through traditional jobs, according to a new report from the Bank of America Institute.

One reason behind this is recent wage growth, which is making more conventional jobs like those in restaurants and retail stores more attractive.” -MSN, Ibid.

This all sounds like corporate propaganda to me. Remember this?

Hell, why not crash the gig economy, too, so that the peons really have no choice but to c’mon back and obey the edicts of the feudal lords? 😣

So on one hand, we’re told the gig economy is growing and on the other, it’s shrinking because most people want to reject side hustles and go back to a full-time corpo job.


If we were making up a satirical novel or movie, we couldn’t do a better job of orchestrating nonsense.

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