They even used the term “panopticon” 😆

They even used the term “panopticon” 😆

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me
And I have no privacy
I always feel like somebody’s watching me
Who’s playing tricks on me? 🎶
-Rockwell, “Somebody’s Watching Me”


More and more, I feel like Kojak: Who loves ya, baby? 🍭

Things I’ve warned you about repeatedly:


If you wait to hear something in the MSM, you’re waiting waaaaaaaay too late, IMO. Way too late.

“The panopticon might be realer than we realize.

Earlier this month, surveyed 1,000 business leaders at companies operating on a primarily remote or hybrid plan. The vast majority of them admitted to monitoring their employees in some shape or form.

Perhaps most dystopian: More than one-third required employees to be on a live, monitored video feed. Three in four of those companies have fired employees because of what they found via their monitoring software. A similar amount—70%—said they’ve had employees quit over their refusal to be monitored.

Companies are sticking with their choices; 97% believe using the software has increased workers’ productivity. But just 10% of those companies admitted that they’re using the monitoring software as a means of encouraging a return to in-person work.” –




If you’ve been with me for a while, none of this surprises you. Zippo. Zilch.

The RTO carrot = late 90s era “perks” and office poppycocking.

The RTO stick = Lord Elon saying, “C’mon back or you’re fired.”

In this situation, the carrot is: if you come back to the office, at least you’re not aware that you’re being filmed constantly. We do a better job of hiding the cameras in the office. The stick is: if you decide to stay at home, you’ll take a pay cut and have to be relentlessly filmed the entire time.


“Indeed,’s study found that remote workers being monitored usually spend two to three hours of the workday non-productively, with some time spend on non-work activities like browsing the internet or social media. ‘But I would point out that two hours may be easily wasted when working in-house as well,’ Haller said. ‘However, in-house employees are not being monitored in the same way. It is not surprising that many employees do not want to feel like Big Brother is watching them daily.'” -Yahoo Finance, Ibid.

Yeeeah. About that. Totally disagree. In-house employees ARE BEING MONITORED – the surveillance is simply more subtle than watching yourself on a webcam all day.

“As bosses become more confident in their workers’ ability to perform without oversight, ‘software monitoring will hopefully become antiquated,’ Haller said.” -Yahoo Finance, Ibid.

🔮 Prediction Alert: No, it won’t. Remember this scene in Iron Man:

Yinsen: “He wants you to build the Jericho missile. He has everything you need here. He wants you to begin immediately. After it is completed, he will set you free.”

Tony Stark: “No, he won’t.”

Yinsen: “No, he won’t.”




Monitoring will not go away. It might become more subtle and sneaky, but it won’t go away. That’s a pipe dream, my friend. Conversely, it could also be more overt. Exhibit A: the WEF talking about reading your brain waves at work! ( But surveillance drying up altogether? 😆 No. Huh-uh.

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