RTO or freeze?

RTO or freeze?

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“Remote workers and freelancers are cutting back on working from home—because it’s too expensive”

What form of Crony Capitalism Hell is this? You need to RTO because staying in your house is too expensive. !!!

“Looking back, one of the most exciting prospects about working from home was the ability to live it large: Have the heating on to the exact temperature you like, your favorite television show or music droning on in the background, and enjoy a mid-day shower after your run without the awkwardness of a communal office dressing room.

But fast forward to today and many of these little luxuries are too costly for the average remote worker.

Not only that, but even the basics like heating is becoming unaffordable as the cost of living spirals.

Remote workers and freelancers are so worried about the rising costs related to working from home, that they’re actually searching for alternative work locations to save money.

According to a study of 1,000 remote workers by Sky Connect, 87% are concerned about the impact working from home is having on their energy bills.

This was heightened last month when much of Europe and the U.S. experienced brutal blizzards and dangerously cold weather, with 78% of respondents describing working through such conditions as ‘uncomfortable’.

Left with the option to work uncomfortably in a cold home or spend more than they can afford on heating, nearly half of those surveyed said that they’ve felt forced to find an alternate working location. As such, they resorted to working in the likes of a local cafe, pub, or library at least once a week.

The main reason for not working from home was to saving money on heating their homes, according to the survey, followed by saving money on energy bills.

The convenience of a local public space, also meant that workers could avoid spending money on commuting or forking out for a pricey co-working subscription, like WeWork—both of these costs, concerned around a third of respondents.” -Yahoo, Ibid. emphasis mine

Wow. So we’ll drive your butt back to the office by freezing your house. Just go back to the office because at least we’ll keep the furnace runnin’ for ya. 😖


I won’t say what outlet this was for – only that if I did say, you would recognize it. And it was an RFQ regarding an anti-remote work piece where the journalist wanted to speak with people who’d “changed their mind about remote work” and now gleefully accepted RTO. Why? Because as the journo says, You’re “enjoying all the free heating and coffee.”


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