The MSM out here tryin’ to get you fired

The MSM out here tryin’ to get you fired

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“Are YOU having a Bare Minimum Monday? New workplace trend sees staff taking it easy on the first day of the week after suffering the ‘Sunday scaries’
UK career expert Adam Butler has shared tips to hack ‘Bare Minimum Monday’
The Officeology CEO said how you can be productive while taking it easy”

Yeah, this sounds like stellar advice during a recession and mass layoffs. 😒

“‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is all about getting through only what is required – and no more – helping you step into the week with less to worry about first thing.

And now, a UK career expert has told FEMAIL how you can make the most of the phenomenon, by working on soothing the ‘Sunday scaries’ as well as accomplishing your goals.

Workplace solutions expert and CEO of Officeology, Adam Butler said: ‘By prioritising the absolute essential tasks you need to have done on the Monday, rather than focusing on everything else you have going on in the week, it helps to reduce feelings of overwhelm and makes your Monday to-do list more manageable.'” -Daily Mail, Ibid.

Doesn’t this sound like quiet quitting? Isn’t this the same sort of thing but repackaged with a different name to sound, well, different?

“‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is when workers use Monday to do only necessary tasks that day,’ Adam explains.

This goal is reducing the fear of returning to work after the weekend.

‘Have you ever got to the end of the weekend and felt a sudden rush of dread about going back to work on Monday?’ he asked. ‘This is typically what the Sunday Scaries are.’

The gloom and fear of returning to work after a relaxing weekend can be soothed by a low-stakes first day back.” -Daily Mail, Ibid.

A low-stakes first day back . . . I guess that depends on the environment you’re in and what your boss is like. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to half-ass a Monday and go unnoticed.

In a moment of decent satire, we find:

“‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is nice, but it’s got nothing on ‘Try-Less Tuesday'”

The authors – who I’m sure will be lambasted for not worshipping at the feet of TikTok influencers – discuss Try-Less Tuesday, Work-Not Wednesday, Thumb-Your-Nose Thursday, and Feckless Friday.

“‘I had to tell myself to do the bare minimum in order to not make myself sick over how productive I was being,’ she says in the video.

Jo (Marisa Jo, a TikToker) compares the practice to a trend like quiet quitting, where employees silently retreat from their work after doing the base level of tasks to focus on their personal lives. She adopted bare minimum Mondays to cope with the pressure of being productive at work everyday and going the extra mile with work-related to-dos.” –

To be fair, it sucks to make yourself sick in any job. I get that. I’m not a proponent of hustle culture. I lived that way during my first iteration of self-employment and failed anyway. You can work yourself half to death and still have nothing to show for it. If you quit a job or get fired, they’ll replace you in a heartbeat.

“Even though much of business began trickling back to normal in 2022, Jill Cotton, a career trends expert at Glassdoor, pointed out that burnout hit record numbers last year.

‘This means that despite all the changes, despite more flexibility, more remote work, we’re not getting that work-life balance right,’ she told Fortune. ‘When we look at what it is that employees and workers really want at the moment, it’s autonomy.’

Offshoots of the quiet quitting trend like resenteeism and chaotic working have caught on across the world, so much so that it warranted a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Experts said that such trends reflect a changing relationship between employees and their companies, and could be a result of a workplace in need of repair.” -Yahoo, Ibid.

Oh Gawd. The WEF is involved in the discussion. 😖 Whenever they start reading your brain waves at work and looking for thought crimes, your Bare Minimum Mondays gonna disappear.

In the meantime, I think you have to consider the best way to survive an economic downturn. It’s not about doing what’s best for Corpo America because they will ALWAYS take care of themselves. Case in point:

“What do PayPal, AT&T and Tinder owner Match Group all have in common? They are among the several S&P500 companies saying that trimming their workforces should provide a boost to their financials this year.

At least 27 U.S. companies with market capitalizations of $10 billion or more have mentioned positive effects from layoffs since the start of the latest profit-reporting season in January, according to Barron’s analysis of earnings call transcripts on Sentieo, a financial analytics platform. If not already delivered in the past quarter, corporations estimated a boost to earnings, margins, or free cash flow from layoffs in the year ahead.” – (emphasis mine)

It’s not about working harder to line the pockets of the fat cats. IMO, it’s about not getting laid off or fired if you can avoid it. I know that is not a popular or sexy sentiment these days. I’m supposed to tell you The Great Resignation will last forever and the whole nation will somehow have a strike to stay remote even though most people live paycheck to paycheck and credit card debt is up to $1 trillion. But see, I’m not a paid shill or a 💩head who wants to get on here and lie to you.


“Ultimately I think the next phase is ‘loud staying,’” said Sara Causey, owner of Causey Consulting, LLC. “I was alive and well during the Great Recession and whatever you needed to do to keep your job, you did it. If that involved staying late or working on projects you loathed, you did it. At that time, I was working for a company where people called and walked in on a daily basis looking for work but there was nothing to offer them. If we see unemployment tick up — which I believe we will — people will not only settle in at work but will become overt about wanting to stay.”

-my comments to Yahoo Finance,


If we experience a Great Recession / Global Financial Crisis 2.0, which I think is entirely possible, how much do you want to roll the dice on quiet quitting, Bare Minimum Mondays, Phone it in Fridays, etc.?

I don’t care how many times I have to talk about this article – I believe this is precisely what is coming:


So if you listen to influencers and lose your job, what then? If you get evicted or the house goes into foreclosure, they aren’t gonna help you. If the car gets repo’ed and the kids don’t have food in the house, how’s that gonna work out?

Again, to be totally clear: I’m not telling you to sell your soul to a company. I opine for your entertainment only. My question is really this: if you listen to the MSM or some influencer and get pink-slipped or fired, how are you going to handle that? Because you will be the one to suffer the consequences. As Jared A. Brock points out – the hyper-elites want your stuff. So if they take your house and your car because you listened to BS from the MSM, it’s gravy to them.

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