Just stop eating, peon.

Just stop eating, peon.

Remember this from last year:



Now you should just skip food altogether.


So that escalated. Instead of replacing meat with lentils, just skip that meal altogether. I mean, you don’t really need that food, do you? I bet the fat cats and power brokers who drank spring water and ate fish at Davos ain’t missin’ any meals.

“Breakfast lovers might be better off just having a cup of coffee—but go with roasted, not instant. Prices for roasted coffee declined by 0.1% last month, but instant coffee rose by a 3.6% monthly increase for instant coffee.” -WSJ, Ibid.

Just have a cup of coffee, if you can afford it, and hang on until lunch. K, thx.

Meanwhile, you have knuckleheads on social media who – who knows, might be bots, trolls, paid shills or flat-out morons – rah-rahing this news and telling people, “Hey, maybe this will solve the obesity crisis” or “Intermittent fasting is really great cuz that’s part of whatever fitness cult I believe in these days.” Ever notice it’s easy to do “rules for thee, but not for me” in these cases? People who aren’t missing any meals themselves are quick to tell other people that they deserve to go hungry each day.

The hyper elites should have to go first. Instead of sending someone in the MSM to tell people to go without breakfast because it’s just too goshdarn expensive these days, let’s see them do it. No more jet setting around and hobnobbing. Sit in a cube farm in the digital panopticon and go hungry until noon. Make it on a cup of coffee until lunchtime and you’ll be alright.

Pfft. As if.

“CEOs may be less cheery than usual as they sip crisp Davos spring water and eat pricey sustainably-raised fish at this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF).” –https://news.yahoo.com/davos-pw-c-survey-finds-bleak-ceo-outlook-for-2023-174505340.html

They talk about the pessimistic outlook for the world economy as they enjoy luxury. See how that works? Meanwhile, who do you think engineers these boom/bust cycles? Or are you out here still thinking the economy works through strange accidents? 😐

You vill own nozing und you vill be happy. You vill drink zee Kaffee in zee morning und you vill ignore your stomach aching for food.

Sure thing. You elites and fat cats go first and let us know how it works out.

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