Get back in the cube, dammit!

Get back in the cube, dammit!

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We know you enjoy WFH but just get back in the cube already, dammit.

“Big cities feeling cost of slow RTO
By Cate Chapman, Editor at LinkedIn News

The in-office workweek still stands at about three days in megacities such as New York, despite mandates to return. A Bloomberg analysis put foot traffic for the most unpopular days — Monday and Friday —at 45% and 52%, respectively, at eight major Manhattan buildings. The result is that workers are spending at least $12.4 billion less a year in the city, with obvious implications for sales and revenue, as well commercial space. The salad chain Sweetgreen, for example, is renegotiating leases with landlords based on sales, versus a fixed amount.” –

Be a good consumer as well. It doesn’t matter that inflation and the cost of living are crippling right now. Get back in the big cities and spend money because that’s what we’re telling you to do. Can’t afford it? Put it on a credit card or do buy now pay later and hope it works out. Then when it doesn’t, we’ll come and repo your stuff.


“Hybrid office schedules are bleeding the Big Apple’s coffers of billions of dollars as employees continue to work from home, according to the results of a recent study.

Manhattan-based workers are spending at least $12.4 billion less per year than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic drove a shift toward remote work, according to calculations conducted by Stanford University economist Nicholas Bloom’s WFH Research group and reported by Bloomberg on Sunday.

On average, Manhattan workers are spending about $4,661 less per person in the areas near their offices – the largest loss per employee of any major US city, the study found. The typical office has seen a 32.9% reduction in days worked on site.” –

Ahh. So now someone is daring to criticize the darling hybrid work model. It’s almost like someone should have been warning you that hybrid was merely a stop-gap to full RTO. Oh wait! I did warn you repeatedly both here and on my podcast.

“‘Less spending by workers in the central areas means a lot less sales tax revenue,’ Jose Maria Barrero, a professor at Mexico’s Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo and a member of the WFH Research group, told Bloomberg. ‘If you have fewer commuters, that means less revenue.’

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander warned that the trend represents a risk to the tax revenue needed to maintain high-quality services.

‘If less income tax is being paid in New York City, then it’s hard to figure out how to capture enough value to maintain the subways and invest in the schools and keep the city safe and clean and all the things that really matter,’ Lander told Bloomberg.” -NY Post, Ibid.

Wow. If you don’t get back downtown and spend that money you are hurting the children. You are causing the subways to not be maintained, the schools will not get needed funds, the city won’t be safe, the streets will be dirty . . .


Just get back in the cube already. Just do it. Do as you’re told. 😣

“Data shows that office attendance – and employee spending – plunges on Mondays and Fridays, when many employees are working from home.” -NY Post, Ibid.

So what do you think will be their proposed solution? Cuz I think it’s gonna be you getting back in the cube farm Mon-Fri. I hope you have roughed out an RTO Survival Plan ahead of time.

“Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly urged companies with a presence in Manhattan to require their workers to return to the office. Last April, he warned poor office attendance could hurt the city’s recovery.

‘It is a real concern,’ Adams said. ‘We’re going to have to get to the table with all of our business leaders, our economists — and really, we can’t stumble into post-COVID.'” -NY Post, Ibid. emphasis mine

Here in Crony Capitalist America do you really think one will resist the other? Put differently: if the politicians pressure companies for RTO or if companies want the politicians to put pressure on everyone to RTO, what do you think the ultimate outcome will be?

Spoiler alert: you’re goin’ back to the cube farm.

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