Recessions & Unemployment

Recessions & Unemployment

For white collar work, I’m not seeing as many jobs posted and in looking at what’s available, more ads are asking for hybrid, full RTO, or remote as long as you live within a certain radius of the office. The pace of hiring has also slowed down. An employer might mark an ad as “urgent” or indicate they need a person to start ASAP, but candidates are finding hiring managers who drag their feet and lollygag.


I was recently interviewed by Sujan Pariyar of Think 7 Figures regarding the economy and unemployment and – more importantly – what you can do to prepare. In spite of the hopium we see regarding the job market and how red hot it supposedly is, I am not seeing employers moving quickly whether for full-time W2 employment or for 1099 freelancers.

You can read the full interview here:

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