More clown world šŸ¤”

More clown world šŸ¤”


Does it not seem that the current tone is: Yeah, OK. There’s some bad news out there, but it’s all good. Nothing to see here, people. No big deal. Everything is still fine.

Is it though?

On Monday, January 23rd I published the podcast episode “Bonus Episode: More Job Market Clown World Insanity šŸ¤”” and it turned out to be even more prescient than I expected because apparently, that was the day the unwashed masses were allowed to know that, in fact, the labor market was not so hot after all.

We’ve nosedived right into Idiocracy. Bad news is good news. Slowcessions. Soft landings. The labor market will stay red hot and you can job hop for more money forever . . . šŸ˜µā€šŸ’«

The flow chart looks something like this:
Deny there are problems and tell people that layoffs are not coming. āž”ļø Even as layoffs start, turn a blind eye. Have “economists” tell the public that mass layoffs are not coming in Q4 of 2022. āž”ļø While layoff announcements litter the news, keep squawking about The Great Resignation and tell people it is STILL a workers’ market! āž”ļø Tell people that even if it takes a few months to find employment again, it’s OK. That’s still really good. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

And still we get conflicting nonsense, as evidenced at the top. Layoffs and layoffs and layoffs, but hey – tech jobs are still hot! The economy is in the dumper but somehow, our GDP actually rose!

*extreme facepalm*

But suddenly, the tide changed on Monday. So I guess the powers-that-be decided it was OK to start feeding the peons and plebs information about, ‘Uh oh, uh, maybe it’s not really looking so good after all’ on the 23rd. I don’t know why. I’m just reporting what I am seeing to you. Again, I know I’m a broken record here, but to me, it’s not just about waiting to be officially told. It’s about what you’re officially told. It’s like we’ve gone from, ‘Hey, don’t worry about it, everything’s gonna be fine’ to ‘Here’s what you need to know about filing for unemployment benefits.’ What if unemployment benefits are not enough for you? What if you don’t qualify for them? What if the amount of money that you get is a pittance and you can’t get by on it? I have known several people to whom that happened. Not anecdotally: ‘Oh, people somewhere out there in the sweet by-and-by,’ but people I know personally that have been laid off with no severance. They went and filed for unemployment thinking that it was going to really help them and it didn’t. By the time you are officially told and then you’re given some kind of official strategy about how to handle the issue, God help you.

But hey – it’s all gonna be alright. Up is down and blue is green and the sky is on the ground. No big deal. Ignore any data that conflicts with what the corporate raiders and fat cats want you to believe and you’ll be just fine. (she said, sarcastically)

Oh. I see. But about one hour earlier, CNBC told us that tech jobs were still hot in 2023. SO WHICH IS IT?


In my mind, you can only make sense of this bull šŸ’© if you assume someone is lying. Remember Poppy Bush talking about voodoo economics? Well, we seem to be getting some kind of funky math and bizarre data fed to us these days.

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