Sherlock Holmes!

Sherlock Holmes!

Being called “the Sherlock Holmes of the job market” is one of the highest compliments! 😊


What’s happening now, from your perspective?

I think we’re in a transitional phase. We have some of the past and some of the present in a weird collision with each other. I believe in the US we’re already in a recession and many employees are getting conservative. In 2021, it was not difficult to get someone on the phone or engaged via email to talk about a job opportunity. Now? Totally different circumstances. Contrary to the media messaging, I am NOT seeing people hippity hopping all over the job market and taking a cavalier attitude. A job change has to be more carefully weighed and measured. If someone is in a remote role and a recruiter is calling them to pitch a full RTO position—forget about it.”


You can read my full interview with The Manhattan Herald here: 

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