Will You Survive a Job Market Crash – Now Available!

Will You Survive a Job Market Crash – Now Available!

Chapter 2: Don’t Rely on the People Who Created the Mess

When you are snug and comfy in your bed at night, do you imagine the power brokers and fat cats care about your health and well-being? I’m going to assume the answer is no.
Whenever the economy crashes, the average working-class person and the poor do not benefit from it. In my mind, hoping that the same people who created this mess will swoop in and fix it for the less fortunate is completely and utterly insane. Quite frankly, the power brokers benefit from economic downturns. The first step is to create a story that points the finger of blame at literally anyone and anything else, and I’ve seen some real doozies.

-from “Will You Survive a Job Market Crash”


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