You mean forced group-think isn’t a good thing?

You mean forced group-think isn’t a good thing?

“Dangers of too much collaboration

Collaboration technologies at work could be doing more harm to productivity than good, based on research cited by Harvard Business Review. It suggests a high frequency of app usage is driving micro-stress in the workplace, with 49% of participating employees experiencing priority overload, causing them to focus more on non-critical work than essential tasks. How can companies ease this form of burnout? Consider four solutions:

Opt for tools and platforms with ‘focus’ options.
Consider some form of ‘collaborative intelligence,’ possibly a dashboard, that lets workers track daily collaboration metrics.
Establish collaboration norms.
Reset and rebuild.”


You mean forced collaboration at work isn’t actually useful? Wow. What a shock. I guess next you’ll tell us that corporate forced fun isn’t actually fun. 😆

This is not difficult to understand, folks. Let’s break it down quick & dirty here:

+ Goading everyone into a conference room or onto a video meeting leads to herd mentality and group-think. The loudest extroverts – usually male – win the day. The bosses prod you into “thinking” whatever they already wanted you to believe anyway and the whole thing is a giant waste of time.

+ Of course being on these stupid apps all day is stressful. That’s one of the many reasons why I don’t do it. It wastes time, it interrupts your focus, and it does not help productivity. The true justification for it on high is surveillance. It helps the feudal lords watch the peons and verify that they are indeed butt-in-seat in their home office. Periodt.

+ Your company will never really celebrate diversity or be a welcoming place for the neurodiverse if you want these asinine meetings where everyone needs to agree. Plenty of people do not like sudden, unscheduled meetings with no clear agenda. Yours truly included. It stresses me out and increases the amount of time it takes for me to get back to deep work afterwards.

+ You’re not leaving any room for innovation. For all the RTO propaganda we’ve seen where managers tout innovation as a big deal, they sure like to push forced conformity. Oops, I mean collaboration. But that’s what it all amounts to when you boil it down. Conformity. Obedience. Blind agreement.


And then they wonder why such strategies aren’t effective. Good grief.

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