“Only 1 in 10 women wants to work mostly on-site”

“Only 1 in 10 women wants to work mostly on-site”

That says it all, doesn’t it. Really dispels this notion that people are begging for RTO. 😒

“Women should absolutely seek out remote/flexible work arrangements,” said Sara Causey, certified human resources manager and owner of Causey Consulting, LLC. “So often, women are still disproportionately responsible for child care, elder care, household maintenance, etc. Plus, with inflation, the cost of care outside the home has skyrocketed.”

Causey said that if an employer agrees to a work-from-home and/or flexible work arrangement, it’s important to get this in writing.

“What a hiring manager might verbally agree to in an interview setting can be changed later once the employee has actually started work,” she said. “It provides a better hedge of protection to have WFH or flexible scheduling put in writing in an employment contract and/or formal offer letter.”

It was my pleasure to recently be interviewed on this topic. You can find the interview in its entirety here: https://www.gobankingrates.com/money/jobs/benefits-women-should-demand-from-their-workplaces/


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