This makes literally no sense at all. None.

This makes literally no sense at all. None.

Honestly, I would laugh at this but I find it so offensive, I’d rather not. I mean… let’s be REAL here, please.


But yet you are supposed to believe, “Oh well. My job’ll prolly be safe through this.” 😞

“While tech layoffs dominate headlines and economists predict a 2023 recession, most Americans probably aren’t in danger of losing their jobs.

That’s because many companies are still struggling to find workers, evidenced by the over 10 million job openings in October alone. And the labor shortage may only get worse in the years ahead.

Two factors in particular — an aging population and lower immigration to the US — may drive the decline moving forward.” -Business Insider

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. OK, sure.

Where are all of these supposedly open jobs with employers clamoring for workers and getting no one? The vast majority of them are in leisure and hospitality. (See the chart for yourself at We’re not talking about full-time jobs that pay a living wage and have full benefits. Yet the spin so often makes it seem that way. I’ve also told you before that some of those Now Hiring signs that went in the window when the PPP loans were going out have simply never come down. Does that mean the manager or owner will actually hire someone? Hell no.

“Job seekers wish they started sooner
By Cate Chapman, Editor at LinkedIn News

Job switchers, like those trying to sell their homes, may be starting to feel like their ship has sailed. The latest Harris Poll shows more than 70% of Americans looking for a new role say that it’s more difficult than they expected. In fact, 72% say companies are ignoring applications and failing to schedule interviews — as if they didn’t really want to hire anyone. Experts say staffing decisions are likely stalling in the face of rising interest rates, even amid persistent tightness in the labor market.”

This is one reason why I felt it was important to publish the episode, “‘Cut corners somewhere or try to pick up a part-time job‘ 😣”  We’ve heard 🦜 LABOR SHORTAGE, LABOR SHORTAGE so many flippin’ times that many people may think they can, indeed, just go grab 3 or 4 different jobs and/or side hustles to make ends meet. What if that’s not an option? I’ve said many times before that I do not think we have an unemployment rate of 3.7% and I also don’t believe there are 2 legitimate open jobs for every 1 unemployed person. Nor do I think all these people are supposedly flush with cash in Gran’s basement.

In spite of the various bots, trolls, shills, and mansplainers who have wanted to argue with me, I think:

  • Unemployment is higher than what we’re being told and will be higher than 5.5% when the poop really hits the fan.
  • People are not flush with cash and are not living in Gran’s basement off of 2020 stimulus checks.
  • Inflation is higher than 8.1%.
  • There are not 2 legit open jobs for every 1 unemployed person.
  • People DO want to work. Some of them are getting absolutely steamrolled by crappy employers.
  • Some companies put a Help Wanted sign in the window after they took a PPP loan and that sign has never come down.
  • Some job postings are evergreen – they stay up forever and the manager is not gonna actually hire anyone unless s/he can find Tony Stark for pennies on the dollar.
  • In my experience, most of the open roles that companies truly want to hire for are specialized, niche positions and not gen labor or non-specialized positions.


Do I think someone should assume their job will be safe in a recession because Baby Boomers are retiring (which is totally ignoring the fact that some of them have un-retired while others have stayed in the workforce and sought out positions with more flexible work hours) or because there is supposedly a reduced amount of immigrant labor? Not only no but hell no.

Please, please be careful with casually scrolling the headlines or listening to soundbites. IMO, you are NOT getting the full story.

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