They sound like the shady realtor, IMO

They sound like the shady realtor, IMO

Remember this?


Here’s the thing: The Fed has not been shy in saying they want to see unemployment rise and wages stagnate. So some realtor or broker telling you to pick up extra work would seem to me to be especially ill-informed of reality.

What if the option of getting an additional job or trying to juggle multiple side hustles simply isn’t an option as we go further into this economic hot mess? What then?

“Job switchers, like those trying to sell their homes, may be starting to feel like their ship has sailed. The latest Harris Poll shows more than 70% of Americans looking for a new role say that it’s more difficult than they expected. In fact, 72% say companies are ignoring applications and failing to schedule interviews — as if they didn’t really want to hire anyone. Experts say staffing decisions are likely stalling in the face of rising interest rates, even amid persistent tightness in the labor market.”

So what are the three solutions? Well, I hope you weren’t expecting anything revolutionary here.

1) One way to “save more is to add discipline.”

2) Reexamine your spending habits and cut lingering debt.

3) Consider added income via the ‘gig economy.’


Same 💩 different day. Stop getting coffee at Starbucks. Buy generics. Cut out subscriptions. Yawn. I remember hearing crap like this back in ’08. Meanwhile, I never bought coffee out and I always bought generics and stuff on sale.


We’re still getting this narrative of “pick up another job or just get a side hustle.” And I’m out here waving the flag as best I can of: WHAT IF THAT IS NOT AN OPTION?

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