Yeah but, I mean, look around…

Yeah but, I mean, look around…

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

“A Bed Bath & Beyond executive who plunged to his death on Friday stood accused in a lawsuit—along with activist investor Ryan Cohen—of participating in a ‘pump and dump’ scheme to artificially inflate the company’s value.

The beleaguered home goods retailer confirmed the death of CFO Gustavo Arnal on Sunday after a New York Post report stated he was the previously unidentified man who ‘jumped’ from the iconic ‘Jenga’ skyscraper in Manhattan.”

The BBB stock situation appeared pretty clearly to be a pump-and-dump scheme, IMO.

But . . . I mean . . . look around at kind of like everything right now.

Yesterday, I published “Bonus Episode: Is this a Pump-and-Dump Economy?” which you can find here:


What are we supposed to do with all of the conflicting information? Where is this headed? As seems to always be the case in these economic upheavals, someone will walk away very, very rich while the average American taxpayer does not.



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