The late night calendar invite…

The late night calendar invite…

From the same article above:

“While the job market is reportedly in a strong place due to the mass resignations that began during the pandemic, there is one industry being majorly affected by the potential recession: the tech industry. According to Crunchbase News, over 34,000 tech workers in the U.S. were laid off in 2022 so far. Shopify, Microsoft, and Tesla are among the companies that laid off workers in the hundreds and thousands. While it remains unclear exactly ho many workers Oracle has laid off, and plans to lay off, that number is expected to be at least in the hundreds, according to, which is tracking the tech industry layoffs.”

I’m glad they qualified it with the word “reportedly.”

Getting a sudden calendar invite on a Sunday night reminds me of the mess at  Apparently, that has only gotten worse:

“The company decided that the layoffs would be announced on Wednesday, but accidentally, the company rolled out the cheques early. Employees share their horrible experiences with the company’s layoff procedure on LinkedIn. A woman claimed that her computer shut down while she was working due to being laid off. LinkedIn is now flooded with posts by former employees who are blasting with stories that are nothing less than devastating. Amanda Bullard, an ex-employee, stated that her computer shut down while she was responding to a client, and it happened suddenly. She stated that she did not find her laying off through the payroll app, severance cheque in the bank account, or HR.” does it again, lays off employees in an awful manner,


Evidently, the situation at Oracle was “complete chaos” according to employees:

“Oracle insiders describe ‘complete chaos’ from layoffs and restructuring. Earlier this week, Oracle began a sizable layoff, potentially impacting thousands of employees — and those who haven’t yet been laid off are scrambling to figure out whether they’ll be next.”


Have you put together a job loss survival plan? Do you know what your first phone call would be after a layoff?



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