We’re still in bread and circus mode

We’re still in bread and circus mode

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On June 19, I published an article on Patreon titled, “Panem et Circenses” in reference to what I saw going on. Here we are, more than a month later, and I don’t think too much has changed.

Even though CNBC published a video about a month ago titled, “U.S. is only days away until an ‘absolute explosion’ on inflation: Pollster Frank Luntz,” where Luntz predicts that people will finally wake up once they see the cost of gasoline and food on the 4th of July and they realize they cannot afford it, uh no. I didn’t see that happening in my part of the Midwest at all. Just being honest with you here – I didn’t see that happening on 4th of July weekend. Here’s what I did see:

  • People blowing God-knows-how-much-money on fireworks.
  • People still having cookouts.
  • People still playing around the pool.
  • People still going to local 4th of July events.

I did not see the masses rioting in the streets over inflation, nor did I see masses of people apparently cutting back on their fun.

***Just my theory/opinion here and I could be wrong.***

IMO, there are still people throwing expenses on a credit card or depleting their savings because they want to maintain a certain lifestyle. They may believe inflation is transitory and everyone is doin’ great, so they believe they can pay off the cards with no problem or replace the money they took from savings with no problem and hey: life is good, why not?


You don’t have to be one of the people caught off-guard.



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