Generational Clickbait

Generational Clickbait

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Want to be sure you get plenty of clicks and interactions? Throw out some generational clickbait and let the games begin. šŸ˜£



As I mentioned in last Saturday’s broadcast: if someone is still doing contingency-based staffing, WTH are you thinking? I’m not offering any type of advice or suggesting you need to walk in the office and quit. Nay, nay. I’m simply asking: how are you making it in this economic environment if you are doing a boatload of work upfront and then hoping you get paid for it later? IMO, if you are in contingency-based staffing and then wish to besmirch an entire generation of people for not accepting a job wherever you’re pedaling it… you might wanna take a cold hard look the mirror.

With that said, does that mean I think $90K with 0 experience + unlimited PTO is a realistic expectation? Nope. It’s more like the idea that two wrongs don’t make a right. At some point, the law of supply and demand will kick in and someone waiting for their 90 grand ship to come in may have to get way more realistic.


As for millennials and inflation, this sounds like The Fed looking for someone else to blame. Sort of like, “Hey! Look over there! It’s those dang millennials again!” SMH.




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