Earlier, that headline contained the word “unexpected” but was changed. Was it unexpected? Not if you listen to my podcast or read this blog with any frequency!

Remember: unemployment is considered a lagging indicator. By the time some talking head officially tells you, “Unemployment is up. Layoffs are here,” you’ve waited too late to be aware and prepared.


This is another case IMO of “Well, no duh.”

I mean, better late than never, I guess. But I was banging this drum two months ago when I was interviewed by The Fairmont Post:

Weigh the pros and cons. In many layoff situations, the last one hired is the first one to receive a pink slip. This is not always the case, to be clear, but it does happen. So another factor to consider is the value of your tenure at your current job.

Always do your research! Do your own due diligence, and don’t get happy ears about a large paycheck or corporate perks. Take a look at the company’s reputation as well as its financial profile (if that information is publicly available). Did they recently have a layoff? Is their stock price going down? Are employees leaving terrible reviews online? Talented recruiters can be like talented salespeople – part of their job is to sell you on working at their company. So be sure you do your own independent research.

That article was published on May 11th of this year.


At the risk of sounding a broken record, I feel that this is a good time to get strategic and careful about who you’re listening to and where you’re getting information. Earlier today I saw some social media panderer talking about how no amount of money is worth staying at a crappy job.

Cool, cool, cool. So, are you gonna pay the bills of someone who walks off a job without another one to go to or naw?

Stay alert. Stay aware. Stay safe out there.




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