People get ready…

People get ready…

Recession and money stress

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… there’s pay cuts a’comin…

Over the weekend, LinkedIn published, “Pay cut for better job quality?” ( My goodness me. If this ain’t a dose of corporate propaganda, I dunno what is.

“Product managers are most willing to take a small pay cut in return for non-cash benefits like more enjoyable work (47%), better work-life balance (44%) or a greater sense of fulfillment (39%) when compared to workers in other job functions, according to LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence survey. They’re followed by those working in research, purchasing, quality assurance and education. Entrepreneurs are least willing to take a pay cut — and nearly half of all respondents wouldn’t take a pay cut for any reason.” -McKenna Moore, LI Editor

Let’s look at some of the responses:

Welcome to LinkedIn, LOL

Obviously the post I found the most personally compelling is the one I actually responded to. And I meant what I said.

IMHO, it doesn’t take much effort to come up with a fluff piece to pander to people. Or to state things that reflect basic common sense. 😒

Here’s the thing: no, money is not the only thing in life that matters. No, you can’t take your wealth with you when you die. These things are completely true.

Here’s another truth: there are times in life when you gotta do what the crisis demands. Periodt. In a recession, high unemployment, crappy job market, etc., you may have to put your pride to the side and take a J-O-B. Not because it’s fulfilling. Not because your manager is the best human on the planet. Not because your coworkers are supportive and cool. Not because the work lights you up. But because, drumroll please…




That’s not a sin or a crime. That’s reality. If we continue to see inflation, I don’t know how someone who isn’t independently wealthy is gonna be focused more on perks than on the salary. Sorry, I don’t. As I said in my reply to one of the posters: I personally think this is a sneak preview of what’s yet to come. Something like, “Well, OK. Y’all had yer Great Resignation and got inflated pay rates. But that’s all over now because recession. So everyone’s gonna RTO and take less money or there’s the door. Good luck finding something else.”

If you think I’m joking or exaggerating, I invite you to read the following:


How quickly we go from everyone loving Joel’s honest tweet:


To this:

Since this post appears to have been created several days ago, I’m not even sure it was originally connected to the LI article it’s grouped with. So who knows on that. Yes, the things that Stephanie mentions are all important and no, we shouldn’t have to choose. You should be able to get a great environment AND a great paycheck at the same place. 

But what if you can’t? And you still need the money? Hopes and dreams don’t pay the mortgage. The car loan company doesn’t care if your manager is super sweet. Grocery store doesn’t care if your current project at work is challenging and cool.


To quote Martin Crane, I think some people are due for a bite of a reality sandwich.



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