О Боже!

О Боже!

Elon Musks wants you back in the office NOW!

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Well… here we go…

I’ve warned more times than I can count on this blog that some employers want you to “come on back to the office” and they will most definitely take advantage of things like a recession, a market contraction, higher unemployment rates, crippling inflation, etc.

“Elon Musk reportedly declares remote work ‘no longer acceptable’ at Tesla.”

From the above-mentioned article:

“Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken a hardline stance against his employees working from home, Electrek and Bloomberg report. In an email apparently sent to the company’s executive staff with the subject line ‘Remote work is no longer acceptable,’ the CEO said employees must spend a minimum of 40 hours per week in the office, or else ‘depart Tesla.’ He said this should be a ‘main Tesla office,’ and not a ‘remote branch office.’

Responding to a screenshot of the alleged email posted to Twitter, Musk did not deny its authenticity, and wrote that anyone who disagrees with a policy of coming into the office ‘should pretend to work somewhere else.’ Tesla did not respond to The Verge’s request for comment, but is widely reported to have dissolved its press office.”

A couple of general (albeit pessimistic) thoughts here:

One possibility is an increase in the “it’s time to come on back to the office” attitude. Employers just outright saying, “If you want to continue working here, you WILL show up Monday through Friday or you’re fired.”

Another possibility is that some employers will continue to “allow” you to WFH, but you will have to submit to technological surveillance. The Digital Panopticon will move from the Cube Farm to your home office and that’ll be that.

What you should not do, in my opinion, is get overly comfortable as these 7 of 10 individuals have and assume you aren’t being watched simply because no one has confirmed that you are. Not all areas have laws requiring your employer to tell you if you are being tracked in some way, so… better to be safe than sorry.



Now here we are.

You can read Musk’s leaked emails by going here: https://electrek.co/2022/06/01/elon-musk-tesla-employees-come-back-office-or-quit/.

Be naïve at your own risk.

Changes are afoot.

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