How Can Managers Retain Their People?

How Can Managers Retain Their People?

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With so many companies still coping – or trying to cope – with The Great Resignation or The Big Quit, many are asking the question, “What can managers do to help this situation? It can’t all be the responsibility of HR, right?” True. There has to be a holistic effort not only to find good talent but to retain it as well.

A good manager in 2022 is aware of the market. Trying to bury your head in the sand and ignore The Great Resignation is a huge mistake. Important management qualities include sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and a willingness to lead from a place of dignity and respect. The yesteryear rules of work – i.e. the boss can bark out orders and you must obey whatever is said – are long gone. Employees have so many options and a manager who tries to lead from a place of intimidation or fear will find themselves with no workers willing to put up with them.

So what qualities are important in a manager?

Emotional Intelligence.
Many companies are (finally) putting a focus on DEI hiring. This includes candidates who may be neuro-divergent. Not everyone wants to participate in 50 Zoom calls per week or a Virtual Happy Hour. Managers with high emotional intelligence are better able to “read the room” and are generally more willing to ask employees how they wish to be engaged with.

Focusing on the Results.
Some managers get embroiled in processes and act like an eighth grade algebra teacher who wants to see step-by-step how a student worked an equation. In the work world, this will not fly. People do not like to be micromanaged or nitpicked and they will ultimately leave a company if they feel nothing they ever do is good enough or that they are stuck in an environment of surveillance.

Continuing Education.
Good continuing education for everyone is crucial. Any manager with an attitude of “I already know everything there is to know” can be like a poison within a company. Many employees like to have learning opportunities or tuition reimbursement options. Likewise, managers should stay on top of what’s happening in the market, in their field, and in their company.


What are some things that a good manager will avoid doing?

– Being stuck in the past.
– Ignoring feedback from employees.
– Ignoring changes in the market overall.
– Hiring the same way you did 5 or 10 years ago.
– Inability to change quickly.
– Treating employees like second-class citizens.
– Any type of micromanagement or nitpicking.

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