Mindset or Tactics: How Will I Know?

Mindset or Tactics: How Will I Know?

I’ve heard the entrepreneur Dan Lok say that most business issues are 70 to 80% mindset related and 20 to 30% tactical issues. I agree. But how do you know? How can you tell if it’s a mindset issue, a tactical problem, or some combination of both? One of my coaching clients asked me that question recently and it’s an important one.

Key topics:

✔️ I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can get sucked into the “always hustle, always grind” culture and still be broke. Intentional, strategic action beats randomly running around in a state of panic.
✔️ Taking “massive action” is not likely to work out well if your mental monologue loop is filled with pessimism and sour grapes. This may also sound unfair, but it’s true. I should know– I lived it before!
✔️ Pay attention to how you feel day in and day out as you operate your business. Does every little bump in the road make you mad? Do you feel energized and revved up? Peaceful and tranquil? Angry and burned out? Do you find yourself having fantasies of escape or being rescued from yourself?
✔️ Are you able to pay yourself? So often we focus on paying the employees or freelancers, paying the bills, and taking care of everyone else but are you able to pay YOURSELF through your business? If not, that is a major red flag that must be addressed.

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Transcription by Otter.ai. Please forgive any typos!

Welcome to the Causey Consulting podcast. You can find us online anytime at Causey Consulting llc.com. And now, here’s your host, Sara Causey. Hello, Hello, and thanks for tuning in glad you’re with me today, I received a really great question from one of my coaching clients, and I wanted to take an opportunity to address it. You may have heard me talk before about the entrepreneur Dan Lok, and how he says 70 to 80% of the problems in a business are mindset related, whereas the other 20 to 30% are actual, like practical, tactical problems. And sometimes people hear that and they have a sense of disbelief, it’s hard for them to imagine that that much of a solopreneur, an entrepreneur or small business owners success or failure hinges on their own mind, it just seems unfathomable to them. To me, it makes perfect sense. I’ve lived it going through a business that failed. And I’ve lived it going through a business that has succeeded and flourish. And so much of what made the difference was my mindset. Because your mindset actually does have a huge bearing on what you’re willing to try. And if you’re going into experiments, or beta tests, or you’re interacting with consultants, or people who can potentially help you, the energy that you bring to those interactions is so important. And you can inadvertently or accidentally poison the well for yourself. If you go into a situation like your own bother, and this probably isn’t going to work anyway. Well. I’ve also heard Dan say that working hard with the wrong mindset will never lead you up the ladder to success. And I agree wholeheartedly with that. You can work very hard. You can work long hours, you can burn the candle at both ends, and still not have a damn thing to show for it. That’s one of the reasons why sometimes I just shake my head when I see these memes on LinkedIn. Or like on the daily sales where it’s like just keep hustling. The guy that made it is the guy that never gave up. And, and hustle porn and all this stuff about being on the grind all the time. And I’m like, dude, you can grind and you can hustle. And you can sleep for four hours a night and still not be successful. You can you can do all of those things and still be broke. It’s all about being strategic and how you’re spending your time. How do I know it, I lived it. I lived it. You always thinking the other day, about a time when I was just broken. Like I had been working that particular day since five o’clock in the morning at about 930 it was like it all just hit me like it I had been trying and trying and trying and calling and emailing and doing all these things that in the past had led me to success that were getting me apps a freak and literally nowhere. And after four and a half hours of doing it and it’s still only being 930 in the damn morning I just broke and I sat in my office chair in my home office and I just I started to cry like I just burst into tears and it all started cathartically coming out of me and I just went to bed and it was cold outside. So I got under the blankets and I just passed out it was like going into two or three hours of dreamless dark sleep like being dead for two to three hours. And I always have dreams I’m capable in fact of having lucid dreams and being able to problem solve in the dreamscape. So it’s highly unusual for me to just go into pure darkness for that length of time. But I did I was so emotionally physically and spiritually exhausted and broken that I didn’t even dream I just I was dead for that period of time. So while there’s no one particular litmus test, that I can give you to say, definitively this will solve your problems definitively this will tell you, is it all mindset or is it all tactics? Or is it some combination of both? I can at least offer some suggestions, things that you can check kind of like getting a tune up on your automobile like is this functioning properly because if not, this could potentially be something that’s contributing to difficulties. My a number one first thing that I will tell you is pay attention to how you feel day in and day out. I’m not talking about all day every day because let’s be real Hear sometimes poop happens, sometimes you’re going to have a bad day, some client is going to pop up that you thought was satisfied, and they’re not or somebody is going to try to wheel and deal and do some scheming in the hopes that you’ll do extra work for free. Or maybe if they complain loud enough, then they’ll get extra work out of you. And being a business owner or running your own freelancing desk, it’s going to have some challenges that come with it, it’s not going to be a perfect situation all day, every day. And like in the episodes about toxic positivity, you don’t need to buy into this mentality that you are supposed to be happy every moment of every day. If you don’t feel sheer bliss, every single day of your life, then you’re ineffective, you’re doing something wrong. That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on yourself, for one thing, and in the business world is not realistic, because sometimes things are going to go haywire. And you’re going to need to step in and solve those problems. Maybe you’re tired, maybe you didn’t sleep very well, the night before. Maybe you got into it with your spouse right before you had to sit down and start working. So you’re still kind of like, with them about the argument that you had maybe an hour into your work, you get a phone call from the school and you got to go up there because your kid got into it with another kid. And it’s like, Oh, damn it, what now? So we’re all going to have those days where the poop hits the fan. I’m not talking about those days, I’m talking about generally speaking, day in and day out as you’re doing your work. How do you feel about it? For me, in the business that failed, I felt like Sisyphus, rolling the boulder up the hill, only to have the boulder roll back down again every night and I would have to start over. I never felt like I was getting traction. I never felt like I was getting market share. I felt like I was one drop of water in the ocean. And nobody cared. Nobody was paying attention. I wasn’t capturing any real interest and I was working and working and working all the time. I love to sleep now I’m not the type of person that wants to sleep like for 12 hours and Hibernate. But I like to get a good solid eight hours of sleep I feel better I function better. Now as I mentioned before, because I am capable of like lucid dreaming, problem solving in dreams reading and writing in dreams. Sometimes I get really amazing creative burst of inspiration from the dreamscape. But during that time, I was really sacrificing my health and my sleep to be able to drink massive amounts of caffeine and just too much sugar and just work. Well dammit, I’ve got to make something happen. If I just sit here and I do this work long enough, something will pop. The law of averages says or the law of statistics says if I just keep plugging away, I just I just keep after it, something will pop. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news here. But you can sit and bang your head against the wall day after day and make no freaking progress. That may not seem fair to you. That may sound like extremely depressing news. But I just tried to be real with you here so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did, sitting and doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, when it’s getting you nowhere. That’s crazy. Don’t do that. So day in and day out. If you’re having these feelings like I’m trapped, I hate this. I want to go back to corporate America. This sucks. I feel impotent and ineffective. I totally relate to what Sara is saying because I feel like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill or I’m working harder than I ever have. But I’m not making any money. I’m all the time robbing Peter to pay Paul, I feel financially unstable. I don’t like running everything I kind of miss having a boss I’d rather be a worker bee and just plug in manage my piece of the puzzle and not have to do all the other entrepreneurs stuff. I just don’t feel happy day in and day out. I don’t feel like this is for me. Be real with yourself and evaluate those feelings that you’re having. Now on the other hand, if you feel energized if the idea of solving a problem is like okay, well this might be irritating, I might find this particular client to be annoying and I’m ready for them to get moved on down the road. But you know, I can solve this problem. I feel confident I know what I’m doing. I’m intelligent. I’m capable. I’m going to work this out. If you’re sitting at your desk working and time just flies by and you’re like dang it’s already time to eat lunch This is great or wow for the past four hours I have just been on one it’s I’ve had so much creativity I’ve I’ve fixed so many problems This is awesome. Like if you if you feel energized by it if if what you’re doing turns you on if it if it’s intellectually stimulating, you really enjoy it. That’s another sign to perhaps it’s not your mindset if your mindset is in a positive place and you really genuinely feel good about what you’re doing. That could be an indication that tactically, things aren’t coming together, you may have a great attitude and a lot of spunk and perseverance. But the way that you’re going to market or the way that you’re approaching clients, or the demographic of client that you’re trying to target just isn’t right. And once those things get tweaked, you’ll really see some amazing results. The second piece of advice I would give is to pay attention to the market, and don’t bury your head in the sand. So in my business that failed, I had niched in to like food, beverage and agriculture. Part of that happened because at the very beginning of my business, I still had an active non compete with a former employer. And I did not want to do anything to borrow trouble in that situation, it was important to me to keep my nose clean, not only from an ethical perspective, but from a very practical legal perspective, too, I didn’t want to borrow any trouble and get myself in hot water right off the bat. Plus, to also speak very candidly, that situation that I came from was really heavily leveraged on oil and gas in the energy sector. And at that time, you couldn’t buy a job in oil and gas, the the bust had already happened, we had had this big boom where people were making money hand over fist. And then when the bottom dropped out, it dropped out. And there were so many people in that industry that were unemployed. So few clients that were actually hiring anybody, they didn’t need a headhunter they didn’t need a third party staffing agency, though, there were people lining up to try to get one job. So it just didn’t make sense to go to a saturated market where nothing was happening and where I was under a non compete. So I had had some success in food and beverage and decided to really pursue that. Now I had been given advice by multiple people, you need to niche you need to pick your niche and then dig into it date, don’t try to be a generalist, don’t try to be all things to all people, pick your niche and run with it. And I don’t necessarily disagree with that. Just to be clear. The point I want to make here, I wanted to make just a slight digression here because I feel like this is a good teachable moment. If you niche in really, really deep, and then something goes belly up in the niche that you’re in, you could be painting yourself into one hell of a bad corner. So you need to have enough demographics, you need to have enough market segments to be able to make the kind of money that you want to make. So if you’re gonna sit there and say, Well, I only recruit underwater basket Weavers who are over the age of 40, you’re probably not gonna make very much money doing that, you know, you need to have enough skills to pay the bills, so to speak. And looking back on it, I wish that I had made some different choices. So I niche into this segment of the market. And I did get some leverage I did, I did get some degree of interest going. It’s not like I didn’t close any deals at all. I just didn’t close anywhere near enough deals to have a good viable business. And it was horrifying. To me some of the phone calls that I would get on with people and the things that they would say, like at the risk of sounding like Sydney Pollack and Eyes Wide Shut. If I mentioned the names of the companies, which I’m not going to do, but if I did, you would recognize them. And you might not sleep so well at night, because some of these people that I would call on and and emphasize it was very important to hire competent people that know FSMA. They know FDA regulations, they know food safety and food quality, backwards, forwards and inside out again, they can keep you from having a recall. They can keep you from killing somebody, they can keep you from having millions of dollars in fines. They would sit there on the other end of the phone and be like, hey, oh, well, no biggie. You know, and you’re sitting there as a consumer thinking, Okay, do you have this cavalier attitude about e coli outbreaks or salmonella or botulism? You are you are you willing to kill somebody? Are you willing to have millions of dollars in product recalls and not give a damn. And to me it was horrifying. But I day after day after day I would have these phone calls or these email campaigns and that’s how it was their attitude was like, hey, we’ll find somebody no biggie. And I would just you know, put my head in my hands like boy this this just doesn’t really sit well with me as a consumer to think of the the lack of give a damn. One thing that I can definitely say. Again, hindsight is always 2020 but I should have diversified the client base that I was calling on instead of just keep trying to go with the same thing over and over again, and feeling really defeated and pissed off like I should have gone Okay, maybe this market segment is not for me. Maybe I don’t talk the talk the right way or maybe, you know, maybe they don’t care. I don’t know, but I need to find somewhere else to go if I I had done that it might have helped. I’m not saying that it would have prevented the ultimate failure of the business. But it might have helped me to not be in such a financial state of Ruin when the whole thing went pear shaped, who knows. But my point is, you don’t want to be willfully ignorant. You don’t want to bury your head in the sand and go Lottie, da, if I just, if I just keep doing this enough time somebody will buy for me, right? One of these days, my ship will come in, right? I mean, I can do this, I can make this work. If I just met, maybe if I’m making 40 cold calls every morning, I need to make 60 and I and no kidding, guys, I would have people say crap like that, to me. Well, if you’re if you’ve got a tear sheet of 100 cold calls that you’re making, or 100, follow up calls, you know, that’s not enough, you’re not putting enough people in the funnel, to get out the number of people you need, maybe you need to do 200. And it’s like, at some point, even though I was only getting you know, four to five hours of sleep on a good night, as like somebody I do need to sleep at some point, I do need to like, you know, take a shower, and put clothes on, there’s only so many hours in the day. And I had hired this guy, this is a true story. But kind of funny looking back on it. It wasn’t funny to me at the time, I can laugh about it now. But I’d hired this guy to help me do some business development and to help me with cold calling. And following up. He had a beautiful phone voice. I mean, it was so melodious and pleasant to listen to. I thought, Oh, he’s gonna do really well. But unfortunately, he had come up the ranks through these companies that were like stalkers, you know, if you called somebody at nine o’clock, and they didn’t answer you call him at 10. Then you call him an 11? Then you call him at noon? And I told him No, dude, no, that’s not on brand. For me. I don’t want to call somebody once an hour until they pick up that’s gonna make them mad. And he would disagree with me and say, No, the way that I was taught is that you just keep on you keep on bothering them until they tell you no. And I just I never could we were on two different wavelengths. It was like I never could get things to where it was really simpatico between us so that that relationship didn’t work out. But what I’m getting at here is you can keep doing these activities. And if they’re not getting you the result that you want, doing 100 cold calls that aren’t working, it’s not going to automatically work for you just because you upped it to 500 and you hire help, you know, in my mind, it’s that’s not about well, maybe you had a bad attitude about it. Well, maybe you had a bad mindset about and it’s like you want to pull back and go is that even an effective technique? I get so many spam calls and Robo dials every day that I call screen like crazy. And a lot of my clients know that I’m not a telephone, a big a big telephone person. Anyway, if you need a quick response for me, email, e mail me, it’s a great tool. I love it. I’m not gonna get on zoom, I’m not gonna hop on zoom, I’m not gonna camp out on a Slack channel. But if you email me, you’ll get a quick response. But the phone all day long, it’s a car warranty and telemarketers and sales people asking me about stuff for my business. And it’s like, no. So making 500 calls cold calls instead of 100. Probably not the smartest strategy. There’s a guy that I know who and again, definitely not going to name names here. He really niched in hard on one particular vein of social media. I’ve told you guys before, if you if you have predicated your income, your ability to feed yourself and your family on one particular stream of social media that you neither own nor control, you’re screwed. At any point, if you were to get banned, or shadow banned, or they changed their algorithm, and it screws you over or your ad manager, whatever got suspended, your account got suspended. Everybody collectively decided that that social media platform sucked and they abandoned it and went somewhere else, you would be in a big heap of trouble. To me, I just find it really dicey and scary to leverage that much of your ability to take care of yourself and your family. On a platform. You don’t control where somebody could get offended, they could lie, they could say that you’d said or did something and get you banned. There’s just there’s so many things that could happen outside your sphere of influence that could derail your business. I personally find it terrifying. And I don’t recommend to any of my clients that they do that don’t don’t build an entire business or freelancing desk off of a platform that you don’t control. So this particular guy had done exactly that. And I really don’t know how he’s making it. Now, this is just this kind of like Dennis Miller, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong. For my money. LinkedIn has just become like, full I don’t get on LinkedIn very much anymore. A lot of the tasks that I do on LinkedIn, I try to outsource to my virtual assistant, because it’s just not a watering hole that I like to hang out at. For me, LinkedIn has really become like the telephone. I get so many Connect requests and in mails that are just freaking spam. You don’t get in the end the stupid by lines that people are putting up there. You know, I did that for a while because I was told that that was the thing to do. And I’m glad that I abandoned it. Because I really think it’s a bit ridiculous. Like whenever I see somebody popping up with a Connect request, and it’s like, I help coaches maximize their time with their day. I’m like, nope, decline, I decline. So many invitations. It’s like I help solopreneurs find outstanding VA. I help entrepreneurs line up their back office. I did. Whenever I see any of that. I’m like, okay, there’s a sales pitch coming. within five minutes of me accepting a Connect request from them. They’re gonna start hammering me, I’m gonna have to tell them no, go away, then they’re going to get butthurt that’s one of the things that I find insane about these salespeople is they come to you unbidden. they bother you. And if you tell them no, I’m not interested. Don’t contact me again. They get butthurt about it. It’s nuts. To me. It’s like you, you offended yourself, pal. So I just decline. I’m like, Nope, not interested. And I don’t get on the platform a lot. Now I do use LinkedIn recruiter. I’m about to lose my voice Oklahoma allergies Just a second. Okay, hopefully this will be better. I use LinkedIn recruiter a lot for headhunting purposes. So that when I’m looking for materials and things, potential candidates leads and so forth for clients. Yes, I do use the hell out of LinkedIn recruiter for headhunting purposes. But as far as getting on the platform myself to just scroll through the feed, it’s overwhelming. my inbox is always crammed with bullcrap. I don’t want and Yes, okay, I’m gonna say it. LinkedIn has really gone beyond Facebook, in my mind there for a while. You know, yeah, the LinkedIn is not Facebook police. So if somebody posted a cute cat picture, oh, here’s my daughter graduating high school. Let’s all say congrats to her. This guy’s a military veteran, how many likes Can he get from around the world, people would post that kind of stuff that you typically would see on Facebook or Twitter. And then the police would be like, oh, LinkedIn is that Facebook for business anyway, and it would make everybody mad and people get into arguments. But it’s really just degraded into what the hell at this point, my ad my feed gets clogged up with self congratulating people that want to pat themselves on the back. People that want to virtue signal, they want to tell stories that you know, are fake. He showed up three hours late for the interview, covered in dog hair. He smelled terrible. I gave him the job on the spot. And he’s now my top producer. He sold 1 million widgets in 10 minutes. So glad I took the chance. And you’re like that never happened. That never freaking happened. Like what is it that you’re doing virtue signaling on LinkedIn that’s making you any money because I promise you it’s not, you know, you might be getting a little dopamine boost, or a little serotonin boost from seeing 1000 likes on a bullcrap post. But I promise you, nothing you just posted actually happened. So this particular dude, and I’m talking about had built an entire business around being a LinkedIn expert. And I’m like, you might want to start thinking about some other options, but because I just don’t see LinkedIn being a place for advertisers and marketers and people to legitimately go fishing for potential clients in the long run. And in case you’re sitting there, you shaking your head. No, that couldn’t happen. LinkedIn is popular. I really envision LinkedIn becoming more like it had been before. It’s a place to have a digital CV posted. So that if you are interested in potentially being found by a recruiter, they can find you find your information reach out to you, they can see where you’ve been, everything’s organized well, and it’ll just be a digital CV and or digital calling card. And that’s it. I think eventually, the feed is going to get so disgusting for most people and so like bra bra, same poop different day. A lot of people are not gonna be paying attention to it, and they’re going to get tired of the salesy schmaltzy in males, I think a lot of those elements of LinkedIn are eventually going to go away. Because people are tired of them. It’s not it’s not just me, that’s tired of it. Because I’m an introverted hermit. It’s a lot of folks. So when I hear these types of people going, Oh, I am a master of LinkedIn. I show people how to x times their sales doing nothing but LinkedIn, I cringe because I’m like to me, think about it this way. If somebody came up to you, let’s say you’re at a cocktail party. Some guy comes up to you and oh, what do you do? Here’s what I do. What do you do? I show people how to four times their revenue on my space, you would probably spit your drink out and bust out laughing because it’s like, Okay, well, good luck with that. What do you do? Have you made any money at all? Have you made it? Have you made a nickel? I mean, has anybody paid you for that, for that Intel of a dead technology. In the early days of my business, when I was still testing and beta testing, I did get some software and I had some scripts written up, I had everything professionally done and automated, so that things would look correct and function correct. And I didn’t like it, you know, sending out all those automated Connect requests and messages, I felt like it wasn’t bringing in the ideal types of clients that I wanted to work with. And I felt like it also was not on brand. To me, it didn’t feel authentic, it felt so cool to be doing that to people. So I stopped. And it didn’t take long either. I mean, I was able to fortunately, fail fast on that experiment and say, This is not for me, you know, if it works for other people, that’s cool. I myself, I’m skeptical that it does. But if it works for you, and it’s bringing you in millions of dollars, cool. Again, I’m skeptical. But you know, if it works for you, that’s that’s great. For me, it didn’t work and it felt gross. So we can potentially say that that was both a tangle of mindset, and emotional issues, as well as a tactical issue. tactically, for me, it was not bringing in ideal clients. And emotionally, I didn’t feel good about what I was doing. I felt like I was bothering people. And I was yet again, another piece of spam in their LinkedIn mailbox that they would have to be like, No, dude, no. So maybe that’s a good example of something that’s a little bit of both. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that you’re staying on trend, if you don’t know what’s on trend, hire an expert. You know, I was getting ready to add some testimonials to my website. I know that that’s important. And I had been meaning to do it. And I just hadn’t gotten around to it, I thought you you definitely need to go ahead with that. So I asked my web developer to put a testimonials page on there. She said, that’s really not best practice that looks kind of old fashioned outdated. It’s better to have like a carousel running at the bottom with the reviews going by so that people can read them no matter what page they’re on. And I was like, Damn, okay, cool. Well, we’ll, we’ll go along with whatever you say, is on point. hire somebody that you know, like and trust, you can steer you in the right direction and give you good insights so that you don’t do something that’s not on point anymore. And if you notice that whatever segment of the market you’re in is dwindling, and it’s just not getting you good results anymore. Don’t be afraid to try something new to learn some new skills to put an oar in the water somewhere else. You I think about a friend of mine who was in the newspaper business, and he waited too long. He told me like I saw the signs of this coming, and I buried my head in the sand. I did not want to deal with reality. I kept thinking, well, maybe if I just stay here, I won’t have to deal with it. Maybe if I just stay here, the paper will stay open. And because I didn’t jump ship, they’ll keep me that didn’t happen. He was laid off at a time when a lot of other people were on the job market and there wasn’t much that could be done for them and he stayed unemployed for a while. So when you see these signs coming when you see like Danger, danger ahead, danger ahead. Don’t ignore it. It that’s not, that’s not a mindset situation that will help you any just trying to go, I’m gonna be Pollya na and pretend this terrib e thing isn’t happening. Tha ‘s not helpful. The third and final thing I will say on thi is keep an eye on your bot om line. If the business is not financially sound, that is a hug red flag. If you’re running a s lo freelancing business, or you re running a small business, and you have two or three emp oyees, whatever the size of the business, you want to pay attention to the bottom line, do you have enough money to take care of yourself? Sometimes small business owners that have that, you know, three, four or five employees, they’ll make sure their employees are paid. They want to obviously feel like they’re doing the right thing by their employees. But then in their own life, they’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. They’re living off of credit cards, they’re borrowing money from friends and family and they’re doing everything they can to stay afloat other than having enough money to pay themselves. I’m not judging anybody for that again, I lived it. I know what it’s like to live off of fumes and credit cards and a wing and a prayer and, and to get you know, to get to a cash register somewhere and play credit card roulette. No, it was just discover gonna work this time. I don’t know. We’ll see. That’s not a great way to live. I recently read Bob Proctor’s book. You were born rich. And I want to read a little passage from that book, I think it’ll be illuminating. Start by answering the following questions. How often do you pay your phone bill? Your rent or mortgage, your grocery store? The gas for your car, your doctor? And finally, how often do you pay yourself? Bob Proctor goes on to say that last question seems like a strange one, doesn’t it? But do you realize that less than five people in every 100 ever pay themselves? And if you were to ask the other 95 why they don’t, they would probably tell you that by the time they pay everyone else, there is nothing left for themselves. He has a mantra that is a part of all I earn his mind to keep. There’s a video actually now and I’m thinking about it. I will put a link to it in the write up for this episode. It’s like a meditations slash affirmation video. In fact, I think there’s more than one of them. At this point. He’s got one that’s like 10 minutes long one that’s 30 minutes one that runs all night for eight hours. Brian Scott has a video around some of Bob Proctor’s mantras where he’s taken them a step further, for extreme clarity. The one that I listened to, almost on a daily basis is large sums of money come to me quickly and easily in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis, in the best interest of all that I get to keep that kind of covers a lot of bases there. And if you listen to that for 30 minutes stretch right before you go to sleep, or you turn it on first thing in the morning, while your mind is still pliable, and really get it down into your subconscious. It makes a huge difference. But back to Bob Proctor’s point, are you paying yourself? You’re running this business, ostensibly to get out of corporate America to not have a boss to not be as Scott Grayson, call it a cubicle zombie? Are you making any money? It does not matter. If you are in toxic positivity and you’re pasting a smile and you’re being Pollyanna or Suzy cream cheese for everybody that you meet, are you broke, that can’t feel very good working and working and working and working and following along with this hustle porn and always on my grind culture, but still not making any money can’t feel very rewarding. I know it certainly didn’t for me, doubling down on business tactics that just aren’t working, because you’ve got the fallacy of sunk costs, dammit, I paid this so called expert $1,000 to develop this for me and I haven’t made jack squat off of it. And it’s been months, well, maybe you got sold a false bill of goods, or maybe the person tried their hardest legitimately and it just doesn’t work for your business. You don’t have to keep doing something over and over and over again, that’s not yielding any results. You may have heard Mark Cuban say before sales is the ultimate cure all. If you’re not closing deals, you’re not getting money in the door, your business is not going to make it businesses need to have money in order to survive. If you’re a nonprofit charity, and you rely on donations and gifts, that’s a different situation. But if you’re in a for profit business, where you need to be making profits in order to survive, that’s one hell of a big, big problem. Now, it could be mindset related, it could be tactical, but I really, really want you to assess if your business is profitable, and how you feel about it. Maybe it is profitable. But you just got that feeling that you could be making more you could be doing better. Maybe it’s not profitable at all, and you hate it and you want to close the door on it, but you just don’t know how. I really want to encourage you to have those honest conversations with yourself. Because, as I’ve said earlier in this episode, trying to stay willfully ignorant, just isn’t going to help anyone. We hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you haven’t already, please take a quick second to subscribe to this podcast and share it with your friends. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you next time.

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