💡 Tuesday Tips, 06.22.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 06.22.2021

Do you ever feel like you’re floating through life, not really sure about what you want. You look around at other people and feel envious… “Why do they have that? Why are they experiencing life so much better than me?”  Or maybe you’ve just gotten your feet wet with setting goals or manifesting what you want but you’re ready to level up and go further, faster.

This week, I’ll be discussing BHAGs and Moonshots. A BHAG is a big hairy audacious goal. It stretches your beliefs. You’re not sure how you’ll get there but you know you want to. A moonshot is a longer term, extremely large goal. Let’s say you’re 30 and you want to retire as a multi-millionaire at age 50 and live on the beach… but you are nowhere near that goal and have no idea how you will get from A to B but you’re giving yourself 20 years to do it. That’s a moonshot.

In order to feel like we’re not drifting through life at the mercy of other people or directed by the whims of the universe, we need to have those goals, both short-term and long-term. I’ll be talking about this in more detail on Thursday’s podcast episode. See you then.

Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
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