💡 Tuesday Tips, 06.08.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 06.08.2021

Ever been bullied by the “love and light only, no bad vibes allowed” crowd?

It’s called Toxic Positivity and it can do real damage. In this week’s episode I’ll be discussing more about this topic. There is something cathartic about being able to go to a trusted friend or family member and feeling heard. To purge out whatever it is you’re holding inside.

Yet when you get slapped down with inspirational quotes, love and light only, choose happiness no matter what, it robs you of that ability to be heard. It also invalidates whatever you’re feeling and gives out a message that there’s never a time to feel sad, upset, angry, disappointed, etc. In fact, a lot of those folks treat anger like it is the absolute worst emotion a human can ever feel even though anger can actually serve some very helpful purposes at times.

If this is something you’ve experienced, tune in on Thursday. See you then.
Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
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