💡 Tuesday Tips, 06.01.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 06.01.2021

I was talking to my friend, Will, who works in the healing space. He was telling me about people who want to eat fast food, smoke, and drink and then turn to him to be “healed” so that they can turn around and do the same things all over again.

In his frustration, he inspired the next podcast episode: Build Your Own Ladder Out. There are times in life when we need outside help. There are times when we don’t. No one can do your shadow work for you. No one can save you from yourself. No one can give you a magical healing that will allow you to smoke, drink, and eat greasy fast food with no negative health effects. 🤷

When the cavalry is not coming over the next hill, you have to save yourself and build your own ladder out.

See you on Thursday.

Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
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