💡 Tuesday Tips, 05.25.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 05.25.2021

My coaching client “John” told me during his intake call that he was having trouble with rudeness. Initially, I thought of Hannibal Lecter’s desire to eat the rude.

But the truth is: rudeness means different things to different people and it can have varying degrees of severity. So what did John mean by people being rude to him in his business?

John owns his own staffing company and found that he had candidates and clients alike treating him without respect and wasting his time… and John wasn’t even getting paid for it!

Since we can’t eat the rude, what are we to do? For one thing, you have to set and maintain boundaries. You also want to ensure that if you work an hour, you’re paid for that hour. Period. Full stop. A couple of weeks ago, a guy reached out to me with an RFI, which turned out to actually be him requesting 15 minutes of my time to “pick my brain.” Nope. Huh-uh. Nada. Will not do. Fifteen minutes was not enough time to answer the questions he had and I don’t do freebie “lemme pick yer brain” calls. So I told him, politely, that I would be happy to offer him a one hour paid consulting session where he could ask any questions he had, no limits. Never heard from him again. Do I regret that? Nope. 👋 Bye-bye.

If someone tells you, “I want you to help me get from Point A to Point B,” but they aren’t willing to pony up any money, how invested are they really? Probably not much. Cheapskates tend to want the moon and the stars for subpar rates, so you also have to consider the emotional and mental wear-and-tear you might encounter in dealing with a tightwad.

If you’ve encountered rude clients or prospects, you feel like you aren’t getting treated with respect, or you’re in a job where you have to do a lot of heavy lifting up-front for free, be sure to tune in on Thursday.

See you then.
Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
Owner | Coach | HR & Business Consultant

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