💡 Tuesday Tips, 04.13.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 04.13.2021

Is it Friday the 13th or Tuesday the 13th? I don’t even know. 😵‍💫

Today’s tips will be decidedly short. This week’s podcast episode will tackle my thesis that an hour worked should be an hour paid. So often, I see solopreneurs and freelancers who get upside down on their cashflow because they are GIVING TOO MUCH AWAY! This includes working for free as a “trial,” doing contingency-based work, not agreeing to payment terms upfront, lowballing their hourly rates, submitting to endless barrages of rewrites or revisions for an unpleasable customer, etc.

If that’s something you’ve been battling, definitely tune in. The business you save may be your own.

See you Thursday.

Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
Owner | Coach | HR & Business Consultant

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