💡 Tuesday Tips, 03.23.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 03.23.2021

Everybody else is pumped up about spring weather and March Madness. Meanwhile, I’m over here like:

Is it Halloween yet?

I guess I’m just an autumnal person. We had the Spring Equinox last weekend where the wheel has spun again and allowed darkness and light to stand equal to each other. Soon it will be time to break ground, plant seeds, and enjoy all the Vitamin D. Meanwhile: I’m ready for cool weather (again), beautifully colored leaves, and pumpkin pie. Ugh. *Grumbles in pumpkin spice language*

It’s comforting to hibernate for a spell. Wrap up in a warm blanket and eat carbs for the winter, LOL. Speaking of which, it led me to the question of: no more dieting so… now what? One of my most downloaded episodes to date is my discussion of Dr. Aamodt’s book Why Diets Make Us Fat. I read the book and watched her TED Talk last fall and thought, “I am done with the yo-yo dieting cycle. Eff that!” And it was very liberating. But after a couple of months, it left me with the nagging question of “now what?” Some people can free range pretty well and their eating habits level out. Others struggle with it. What’s an alternative to getting on some restrictive diet and trying to slog your way through it only to give up and go wild?

Tune in on Thursday. I’ll be talking about my experience with this very question on the podcast.

Til then…

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