💡 Tuesday Tips, 03.16.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 03.16.2021

I’ve been working with a client named Bob. (Not his real name.) Bob’s had a struggle with respect. He left a sausage grinder firm to strike out on his own and be a solopreneur. The stress of that job had caused him to have health problems and he felt a real lack of respect from his employers.

Yet after he struck out on his own, he didn’t feel like it was the utopia he imagined. One of his comments to me was, “It never seems to be enough.” He felt that his clients and candidates alike were taking the marrow out of his bones and didn’t even seem to be grateful for his help! Bob was busting his butt for everyone, yet felt taken for granted and disrespected.

Here’s the deal, kids: we teach people how to treat us. If you put up with BS from people, you’ll get more BS from people. If you allow people to walk over you and don’t require compliance to the rules, you may as well not have any boundaries. The boundaries must be enforced in order to work properly. I had a prospect once who ghosted me after I told her that my work style did not and will not involve Zoom check-ins and phone calls; send me an email and I’ll take it from there. After that, she vanished without another word and I thought, “Better we suss this out NOW than to get into a working relationship together and have hurt feelings.” Namaste, go in peace. LOL

I’ll be discussing Bob’s situation and the importance of respect in Thursday’s podcast episode.

Til then…

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