šŸ’” Tuesday Tips, 03.02.2021

šŸ’” Tuesday Tips, 03.02.2021

The first big leap of entrepreneurship is leaving yourĀ corporate job and stepping into your own business or freelancing career full-time. And even if you wereĀ miserableĀ at said job, you will still be incredibly nervous when the day comes that you tender your resignation and walk out.

But what about theĀ secondĀ leap? The one that isn’t talked about as much… where your business is meeting your basic needs but you know you want more.

Food is on the table. Rent is paid. The wolves aren’t at the door and no repo men are showing up. But that’s about it. You are living check to check or gig to gig, client to client, and you are ready to feather your nest. Maybe you want a rainy day fund, money for daytrading, money for an IRA, or you want to take the kids to Disney World once the quarantine ends. So how do you do it? How do you make the price leap from “I can get by” wages to “I am thriving” wages?

Tune in on Thursday. I’ll be covering this very topic on the podcast.

Til then…

Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
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