💡 Tuesday Tips, 02.16.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 02.16.2021

I dunno about you but it seems to me like social media is becoming same 💩 different day.

It’s funny because when the self-appointed LinkedIn Police would post those super obnox comments about “LinkedIn is not Facebook” or “LinkedIn is for business only; don’t post anything personal here,” I wanted to slap them all in the mouth. Who died and made you Lord of LinkedIn? Gah.

Now here we are and all social media platforms are samey. Virtue signals, humble brags, fake stories and nonsense to generate FOMO, everyone recording videos trying to become a reality star in their own minds, BS inspo quotes, paid ads and persistent salespeople sliding into your DMs, on and on. Who knows… maybe the Lords of LinkedIn saw this coming and wanted to prevent it. Or maybe they were just digital Karens who wanted to police everyone. *shrugs indifferently*

We tend to assume that because everyone is doing something or employing a particular strategy, it must be because it works. I mean, people wouldn’t continue doing something over and over or jump on a bandwagon without it producing actual results for them, right?

There are plenty of salespeople and wannapreneurs out there doing BS nonsense on social media and staying broke. Just because some technique (allegedly) works for some “influencer” out there does not mean it will work for you. I’ve known people who were so thirsty to become influencers that I think they damn near would have sold their soul for it. Back in the 90s, we called it “the Kato Kaelin effect.” Someone who gets into the orbit of famous people and tries to grab their own 15 minutes of fame from it. And that’s about how long their supposed fame lasts, too.

My podcast episode for this week is titled “Results Are King” because they are. Your business can’t make it forever on hopes and dreams or likes and shares. You have to actually make some sales and bring in money to keep going. Be wary of salespeople or coaches who tell you to focus too much time and energy on trying to become Insta famous or a video kingpin on LinkedIn. We only have so many hours in the day and it makes more sense to put your energy into activities that will actually drive revenue.

See you Thursday.

Sara Causey
Causey Consulting, LLC
Owner | Coach | HR & Business Consultant

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