💡 Tuesday Tips, 02.09.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 02.09.2021

I don’t mind saying: I don’t miss the office. At all. In the town closest to me, someone tried to get one of those coworking office spaces going and I don’t think the place lasted even six months. Meanwhile, I have to psych myself up just to go get groceries or run up to the feed store.

Last month, there was an article in the NY Times titled “The Future of Offices When Workers Have a Choice.” Put in Sara-speak: what’s gonna happen when workers who never liked commuting or sitting in a damn cubicle are able to say no to it and that dissent actually, finally, has power?

For those of us who’ve made the leap into self-employment, consulting work, freelancing, small biz ownership, etc., you can make the mistake of creating or recreating your own personal hell if you don’t set appropriate boundaries and work in a way that’s healthy for you. You can knowingly or unknowingly pick up where some hard-driving, nightmare boss left off and work yourself to death if you choose to. Likewise, you can put your clients/customers in the driver’s seat of your business and wind up working in ways you do not like just to turn a quick buck. I didn’t like driving to an office and sitting under florescent lights all day, so I don’t do that to myself now. If you want to go sit in a coworking space somewhere, cool. You do you. But if you have employees in your business who report to you, in order to stay competitive and appealing to the best talent, you have to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone wants the same things you do. Just because you want Zoom Call Happy Hour on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm doesn’t mean your team does. Just sayin.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll be reading some viewer mail I received from the last episode. How do we handle it when we disappoint a client? When you’re self-employed or your name is on the front door of the business, how do you not take it personally if something doesn’t go well?

See you Thursday.

Sara Causey
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