💡 Tuesday Tips, 01.19.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 01.19.2021

Last July, I recorded a podcast episode called “Do You Know You Could Survive?” It’s even more relevant now than it was then. I warned y’all what was coming and now here we are. I predicted censorship was the wave of the future and that, if you have hinged all or most of your income on a platform you do not own and control: you’re screwed.

Even a cursory Google search brings up major media outlets that are freaking out now.

On this week’s episode, I’ll be recording “Do You Know You Could Survive, Redux.” My biggest tip for today is: if you had planned on spending hellafied money on some big social media campaign for your business, sleep on it. I once had a company try to pitch me on spending $20K+ on Facebook campaigns. I didn’t do it because I felt that was an insane and unjustifiable amount of money and I am beyond glad I told them no. In your business, it may make sense to invest in social media ads. My guess is that if it makes sense today, it will still make sense after you’ve had a day or two to think it over. Don’t rush into the decision and regret it later. Be wise and look out for yourself.

See you on Thursday.

Sara Causey
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