💡 Tuesday Tips, 01.12.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 01.12.2021

How is it already the middle of January? I’m not sure 2021 will be less tumultuous than 2020, but at least it seems to be trucking along a bit faster. So there’s that LOL.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll be talking about sales calls and shaming. I recently read an email that Alyssa Dillon sent out about not shaming people who can’t afford your services. It’s sad that we even have to say that, but it’s true: if you’re on sales calls shaming people who legit cannot afford to work with you, you are doing sales wrong. Notice I said legit. Saying, “Aww, now’s not a good time. I can’t afford to do it right now” is a very common blow-off excuse. It’s like walking into a retail store and telling a pushy clerk, “Just browsing. Don’t need help.” It’s easy for a prospect to tell you they can’t work with you and then buy a new TV or a boat or a houseful of new furniture. (All of those examples have happened to some of my clients.)

So what do you do? I’ll be discussing this in more detail on the podcast, but suffice it to say: part of the sales call process is for YOU to actively listen without happy ears. You should not ignore all signs of possible problems and you should not twist yourself into a pretzel to make this prospect fit your business model no matter what. You cannot want change and improvements for your clients more than they want it for themselves. Period. Full stop.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If someone has truly decided to make themselves and/or their business a top priority, they will do whatever is necessary to grow. But you cannot make them and you shouldn’t waste time and energy on a sales call trying to beg, cajole, manipulate, shame, deep discount your prices, etc., in an effort to motivate someone who’s just not that into you.

Sara Causey
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