💡 Tuesday Tips, 01.05.2021

💡 Tuesday Tips, 01.05.2021

I’m back in the saddle again 🎶
(But might rather be in the bed LOL)

If you’re feeling hungover from the holidays or just not quite ready to dive headlong into work yet, you’re not alone. Winter just started on 12/21. Regardless of what Corporate America thinks, we’re in the fallow season, a time for rest. Nature itself is at rest and this is as it should be. Don’t feel like you need to haul ass everywhere or rush around all the time. Give yourself a break.

If your January credit card bills are rolling in and you’re thinking about how much you spent at Xmas, this is a great time to get your mind right about your money. On the next podcast episode, I’ll be discussing my “7 Deadly Sins of Money Mindset.” If you’re looking at those bills thinking, “Damn. I’m tired of working for my money. I’d rather see money start working for me,” be sure to tune in on Thursday.
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