💡 Tuesday Tips,12.8.2020

💡 Tuesday Tips,12.8.2020

Recently I watched the STARZ documentary Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult. Whenever I would think it couldn’t possibly get any stranger or more disturbing, it always did. One of the things that struck me (and there were many– this was just one of them) is that they had developed a seminar called “Executive Success Programs.” They didn’t hang a sign on the door that said, “Hey, wanna join a cult today? C’mon in!” Their introductory course sounds so benign, doesn’t it?

Last week, I published a podcast episode about my friend getting job catfished. I think sometimes we are naïve about the business world. We may think catfishing occurs from spammy emails about fake princes or online dating profiles that aren’t real. But what about the business world? Can you imagine going to a business workshop to learn better negotiation skills, feel more confident at work, or improve your sales skills and then finding out it’s all a gateway to something much more sinister? Some of the tactics they used– like requiring members to sing songs and perform skits for Keith’s birthday– were frighteningly familiar to me as I have been made to do the SAME THINGS at a company I once worked for. “Perform for the owners’ amusement… or else!” Yuck.

In my next podcast episode, I’ll be talking about cult-like tactics used in business, why it matters, and how you should protect yourself. I’ll also be dissecting why they chose the guise of the self-help industry as a vehicle.

Talk soon.

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