💡 Tuesday Tips,10.20.2020

💡 Tuesday Tips,10.20.2020

Yesterday, I stumbled on a video uploaded by Brian Scott. It’s called “Dollars Want Me Henry Harrison Brown (Unabridged Audiobook).” Link provided here.

I hadn’t read this book before and thought I’d listen as I was ready for sleep. In fact, that’s a good Tuesday tip for you: instead of falling asleep to the TV or soft music, consider listening to something aspirational/inspirational. As you are drifting off, your guard goes down and you are less likely to say, “Oh yeah? Making money is so easy? Gimme a break.”

As I was on the cusp of sleep, Brian reached this part of the book:

“Money is only delegated Power; you direct its expression. Change your attitude toward money. It is not ‘the almighty dollar.’ Almighty Power uses the dollar. Say to the dollar, ‘I do not need you. You need me. You are of no use until my brain and hand use you. You wish to be used. You come to me that you may be used. I do not need a dollar. Dollars need me.’ Assume this mental attitude and see what a change it makes for you. When you have changed your aura, dollars will be drawn. You need not think of their coming, for they will come to you through the opportunities which this new mental attitude will reveal to you. Think only of using them.”

I thought to myself, “Wow. That is a subtle yet powerful shift in language: I don’t need dollars, the dollars need ME.”

So if you have been telling yourself things like:

  • I need money.
  • I want more money.
  • X, Y and Z bills are coming due and I need more money to pay them.

This strategy could assist you and could certainly help you relax more. How many good decisions do you make when you are nervous, scared, and uptight? Reframe it as: dollars want me. Dollars need me. I am the power behind what they can do.
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