💡 Tuesday Tips,10.13.2020

💡 Tuesday Tips,10.13.2020

“It’s almost like you’re emoting more because you’re just a little box on a screen,” Eichler-Levine says. “I’m just so tired.”

You don’t have to try too hard because you are in that world LOL. About half the population is made up of introverts who generally loathe forced activities, micromanagement, and group-think. But now even the extroverts are getting weary because they are waking up to what we’ve known all along: all of this video participation is a form of surveillance and it cramps your productivity.

The quote I opened with is from a recent article in National Geographic. The author further explains:

“Multi-person screens magnify this exhausting problem. Gallery view—where all meeting participants appear Brady Bunch-style—challenges the brain’s central vision, forcing it to decode so many people at once that no one comes through meaningfully, not even the speaker.”

No one rules if no one obeys. Yes, I concede: I’m fortunate because as a consultant, I can simply say, “No. If you require me to audition for you via Zoom or ask I be on camera all day, I am not interested.” I live on a working farm and ranch: I don’t walk around in a permanent camera-ready state! I usually have hat hair and I’m either wearing an old t-shirt and jeans or athletic clothes. It takes time and energy out of my day to prepare for a 10-minute Zoom call that 100% could have been a simple phone call, if not a brief email.

“For some people, the prolonged split in attention creates a perplexing sense of being drained while having accomplished nothing. The brain becomes overwhelmed by unfamiliar excess stimuli while being hyper-focused on searching for non-verbal cues that it can’t find.

That’s why a traditional phone call may be less taxing on the brain, Franklin says, because it delivers on a small promise: to convey only a voice.”

The more people who are willing to say, “The novelty of the Zoom Boom has worn off. Can we please use the phone again?” the better.

Sara Causey
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