💡 Tuesday Tips, 9.29.2020

💡 Tuesday Tips, 9.29.2020

Have you been on LinkedIn lately?

More and more, I find myself using it less and less. There’s something depressing to me about people who relentlessly seek a crumb of internet clout. There’s a guy I know who, upon deciding he was not going to become a major LI influencer, has decided he wants to be a YouTube star now. 🤦 I assume after a year or two, he’ll look for whatever is next. Even thinking about that is exhausting to me. There really is something to be said for following the path of least resistance and letting life unfold itself to you. Trust me: I’ve learned the hard way that trying to FORCE something to happen often leads to disappointment and trouble.

I used to be an Open Networker and I watched the “LinkedIn is not Facebook” battles play out. I’m a fierce advocate for free speech and in my mind, if someone wants to use LI to post family photos or brag on their kids or whatever, so be it. There’s an unfollow button, so if you don’t want to see someone’s content, you don’t have to.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened but, it was like one day, someone turned a sales faucet on. I get so many connect requests with bullsh*t sales pitches. People who want to pitch me health insurance options, people who tell me they can 5x my coaching business, people who want to be my VA, people who want to sell me office supplies…

Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture!

It seems like the platform has devolved from networking for business purposes and a place to house a digital CV to self-aggrandizement and constant selling. Ironically, some of the “gurus” who yell the loudest about not selling and not pitching but only adding value to everyone are the ones who are the most driven to get internet clout!

So what’s the answer here? I’m not sure, but I have to imagine something new will develop. A sort of LinkedIn sans sales pitches, perhaps. If such a thing is already out there, hit me up and let me know.

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